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Ease the Customer’s shopping experience – Magento Shortlist Extension

In today’s online shopping world, there are few customers who just want to give a try to the product available in your website. But there are few high valued customers who are interested to buy more than one product in one purchase. Such customers usually add the required products to the product listing page and want to compare the products with one another. In general the customer is redirected to the product listing page. When the customers are redirected to the next page for product comparison it becomes hard for them to compare the products with the products available in the product catalog page. Easy way is to offer them the product listing page in the same product catalog page. It is quite difficult technically, but our dedicated team members have developed the Magento Shortlist Extension module that uses widget and Ajax technology to show the selected products on the product catalog page.

Features and working on Shortlist Extension

This Magento overview Module comes in Magento 1.5X, 1.6.x, 1.7.x versions and enable the user to add and shortlist the desired products from the product catalog page. A widget or minibar appears on the right bottom of the website and it can minimize anytime. As the customer clicks the product menu from the home page, the product catalog page is opened with the product image and product information. The product catalog page shows two links add to widget and add to compare. For both the option widget shows the listed products, compare link and slideshow link. This module makes use of Ajax technology to add the product to the shortlist minibar. Now your customer can choose the compare option or slide show option from the widget. For example, if the customer adds both camera and mobile product to the widget and clicks the compare link from the widget, compare page with both camera and mobile phone is displayed in his view. Else he can click the slideshow link and view the slide show that displays products one by one. Hence the comparison and slideshow is made easy for your customers. With help of this module, merchant can display an unlimited number of products to compare. Now customers can view the product details by clicking the added product link available in the widget. Additionally, this module is very simple to install and offers a friendly interface to your customers.

This mortar retailers or bricks can install this Magento Shortlist Extension in their website and offer an effortless shopping experience to their customers.

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