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Yahoo Connect for ease login in your Magento Store

In this article we are going to see, how making the login process very easy and fast in your Magento based eCommerce store. Magento is a feature rich and a powerful open source eCommerce solution that powers many popular websites. It is trusted by more than 200,000 online merchants in the world. Because

  • It helps to extend the business to the international level by supporting many currencies and many languages.
  • It has more than 23,000 of extensions, which are used in the Magento Development.
  • It supports multi store functionality, that means the merchant who has more than one shop can control and manage all the shops by using the single admin panel.
  • It integrates with many payment gateways to make the payment process very fast and safe.
  • It providing the technical support at any time of a day with the help of the strong developer community consist of more developers and designers.
  • Magento integrates with many popular social media sites such as Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Sharethis, Technoratti, etc.
  • It will suit for all types of business.
  • It provides the pliable admin panel to the merchant, so that the merchant can change anything in his online channel.
  • Magento is used in all business ranging from the smallest websites to large multinational businesses. It is used in popular brands such as Ford, Nike, Samsung, Lenovo, Fox Connect, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso, Smashing Magazine, Olympus, etc.
  • Magento combines with many shipping methods to make the shipping process very simple and quick.
  • The Magento Social Integration helps to increase the visibility of the website to the millions of people.

Allow your visitors by using their Yahoo account credentials

Thousands of social networking sites are used by the people in the globe. Each social networking site is providing the services to the people in different ways. Yahoo is one of the social networking sites that can provide its services in various forms such as Blog search directory, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers, video sharing, online mapping, advertising, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Search (Search Engine), Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Web portals, etc. For every month, it is visited by over 700 million people in the world. It holds the 3rd position in the most popular social networking sites that are used by the people. For per day at least thousands of people visit your Magento store. Some users want to create an account on your site or to know more about your products and services. When they enter the registration page, they changed their mind and move to another site. Do you know why? Because of your long registration form.

The online customers use the online store to save their time. But you are wasting their time by providing the long registration form to login into your Magento store. You can easily avoid this with the help of the Yahoo connect. By using this on your Magento store you can allow your customers to sign-in on your site by using their Yahoo account details. It will be easier for them to save a lot of their time. The Yahoo login button will boost the customers to create an account on your site. It will increase the range of the customers to your store. The Magento Yahoo Connect is an easy way to attract all the visitors towards your site. Yahoo makes the customers feel very comfortable by providing them an instant sign-in and sign-up process.

Download: Magento Yahoo Connect Extension

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