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Magento Social Connect Extension – Using Twitter and Yahoo accounts

There was a time in the not so distant past when for every site registration, a user had to enter multiple pages worth of information. This kind of redundant registration was a necessary inconvenience that was tolerated by most of us. With the inevitability of social inter-networking ensnaring almost everyone in its web, the move to use the login details of social networks or existing email accounts was a brilliant stroke of genius. In order for merchants to utilize this in their eCommerce websites, an extension module by a 3rd party is incorporated. Module bazaar’s Magento Extensions for twitter login and Yahoo connect sign-in provide an excellent interface for a common login.

Magento Twitter login extension (View in Store)

Magento twitter login extension from Module bazaar provides a great user friendly interface to sign-in instantaneously using twitter login. The no pain registration through a user’s twitter account greatly reduces time and effort involved in entering lots of redundant information. Any user is ready to start shopping by just typing in a twitter login ID. As, such social networks collect a lot of relevant information involving the user’s likes and dislikes, the merchant gets a humongous amount of data to mine. This twitter connect extension for Magento provides the merchant with an edge as users who are connected well socially would tend to lean towards such an easy login option.

Magento Yahoo login extension (View in Store)

Yahoo! is one of the oldest web portals, search engines and email services provider whose customer base is quite large owing to its early market penetration. Almost every other user has a Yahoo ID. Using Yahoo account for logging into an online shopping website is as easy as logging into your own email account. Module bazaar’s Yahoo login extension for Magento provides a wonderful interface for logging in using Yahoo login credentials. Using the Yahoo Connect extension as a login option for your online shopping website makes sure you tap into Yahoo’s huge customer base. This customer base can easily login without having to enter page after page of profile information.

These kind of social extensions make sure the customer is engaged only in the act of shopping and not in unwanted entering of profile information. Module bazaar’s futuristic modules make sure the customer is always pampered and a pampered customer is the only true way to make your business a success!

View the two Magento Extensions in our store here: 

Magento Twitter Login Extension

Magento Yahoo Login Extension

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