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Module bazaar - magento_missed_call

Magento Missed Call Module to avoid bogus order for effective Shipment

Everybody is born good, but due to circumstances and situations people tend to do unpleasant things. At times people try to trick others just for the fun of doing it. Intelligence is a gift and it can be used for good or bad purposes. In this modern world, as technology experiences a tremendous growth, so does the fraudulent activities. The internet is one such modern amenity that has experienced a high rate of frauds and identity thefts, in spite of all the security strategies.

Especially, when it comes to eCommerce, many online businesses experience fake orders by pranksters. This leads to wastage of time, money spent, and the effort put in for such orders. Emily Jenkins is a writer of children’s picture books, young adult novels, and adult fiction, who uses the pen-name E.Lockhart. In one of her novels called “The Treasure Map of Boys” that was released in 2009, contains the line “..we’ll deal with it, because the good outweighs the bad“. How to deal with fake orders and save the business? This can be done by the Magento Missed Call module.

What does this missed call module of Magento do?

The main purpose of this Missed Call module, which is one of the Magento Extension, is to help merchants identify the real orders. For instance, if a customer makes an order on the site that has this module installed, a dialogue box pops up with the message, “To confirm your order, please give a missed call to <the number>”. The phone number can be given by the admin and until the missed call is received the status of the order will be “Pending”. Once the missed call is released, the status will be changed to “Processing”.

Benefits of using the missed call module

  • The merchant can enable or disable this function
  • The message that is to be displayed is provided by the admin
  • The site owner has the entire control of this operation

This eliminates fake orders as the missed call serves as a confirmation of the order placed. By using this module merchants are saved from spending their valuable time and effort in accessing fake orders.

Features of Magento Missed Call

  • Extension can be enabled or disabled
  • Missed call message display on order success page can be enabled or disabled
  • Missed call message can be configured in the admin panel
  • Applicable payment methods can be selected for missed calls
  • After the missed call is verified by service provider, the order state can be selected in the admin panel

The Magento Missed Call module aims to focus on preventing hoax orders and provide a relevant and lasting solution. With the help of this extension merchants can process only on genuine orders and ignore the fake orders. Hence, for people who want to make their websites better this Magento extension is the ideal choice.

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