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Magento First Data GGe4 Payment Gateway Module

If you have proper Internet access, you can do shopping anywhere and anytime as you wish. People of all ages from teenagers to middle age and elderly people love to do shopping over Internet. New trend of shopping over internet is much preferred among the customers as it saves time and money. Online products will be shipped to the customers only if they have ended the process of payment transaction. Merchants who own online stores make use of this payment gateway to validate the customer’s credit card details. Magento First data global payment gateway offers advanced payment functionality when integrated with any eCommerce platform. It is one of the global payments processing widely used by merchants for fast, safe and secured transactions. Merchants make use of this gateway to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic payments.

It quite simple, store owners wish their customers to experience seamless checkout. Let’s have a look at Magento module designed with First Data Payment Gateway to make secured payments. Magento First Data GGe4 Module uses First Data GGe4 Payment Gateway to accept credit card payments from the customers. Checkout can be done on the online store without the need of redirecting the customers to different payment sites for checkout.

This module does not store any credit card information to pass PCI compliance issues. Customers experience secured way of transmitting the vital credit details to the merchant account. Checkout is done by entering the credit card details, as soon as the customer inputs the card details, module will collect, validate and pass all the information to First Data GGe4 in a secured way. Using Magento First Data Module, all the transactions will be sent to the merchant account. Merchants can view the customer’s transactions by accessing merchant account. Main advantage of purchasing this module is, it supports over three default payment settings like “Authorize Only”, “Authorize & Capture (Sale)”, “Void and Refund”. These settings are normally reflected on the merchant payment setting page. By accessing merchant account, payments can be authorized and captured or refunded as applicable. Online store owners feel more flexible and compatible to purchase this module. Credit card fraud is rapidly increasing in online business. To prevent fraudulent customers, you can purchase Magento First Data GGe4 Payment Gateway module which supports secured payment gateways for your online store.

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