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5 Of The Best Magento Extensions For Your Online Store

Magento is a flexible eCommerce development platform delivering an omnichannel experience to the merchants to sell on web, mobile, and brick and mortar stores. Catering several benefits including flexibility and scalability, it designs eCommerce platform for the business showcasing the brand delighting the customers. With the Magento Extensions, Merchants get an opportunity to enrich their experience and adds more functionality to their store. It is a simple way to allow your store do more and entice your customers.

The Magento extensions easily integrates with the online store and offers numerous benefits to serve to the customers. It subsequently improves the performance of your store and makes it’s competitive. All extensions are designed to be compatible with the Magento stores and can be highly customized for use. Above all, available extensions the following 5 are best extensions.

1. Marketplace Seller Review Magento Extensions

The marketplace extension is a way to generate tons of review and gain increase conversion rates. Seller reviews showcases how the customer felt after using the product. All registered customers who had made a purchase with the seller can send their feedback. The Admin can review the feedback and decide to display them online. This helps in building brand for the business and also lists the product for quality service in the search result. It increases the sale of the product; generate more reviews, and increase ROI.

2. Out Of Stock Notification

Taking a customer to a product checkout page without informing about stock availability may cause losing a potential customer. With the Out of Stock notification extension, the customers can find the updated stock details and can request for a notification when the products become available. The admin got the facility to manage the notifications, inform the customer to checkout once the product is available, and maintain the status of the notifications.

3. SMS Notification Extension

The best communication tool is SMS notification, which enables the merchants to send the important information or order updates to the customers. In brief, the customers receive updates on their orders placed, invoice, shipment, and cancellation. Similarly, successful registration, request for forgotten password, editing account information, newsletter subscription and un-subscription; product review, review and tag approval, coupon generation, and stock and out of stock products.

With this powerful SMS notification Magento Extension, a merchant gets chance to take the customer experience to the next level. As a result, the extension serves as a faster response tool. Administrators can view the log of all SMS’s, can set the limit of characters used in the messages, and specify the sender name. Also, it helps the merchants to retain customers by sending them promotional messages or offers on products.

4. Secure Payment Service

A secure payment gateway is a necessity of every Magento store. However, several Magento Extensions available in the market such as Secure Payment Modules. It accepts the payment through First Data Global Gateway e4. Secure payment gateways are designed to accept all credit cards, validates and sends the data to the First Data Global Gateway e4 for faster processing.

Magento Payeezy First Data Global Gateway E4 Hosted Solution is the most secure payment extension that captures only authorized payments and advised by the experts. In short, It is highly flexible to the Merchants to offer secure transaction to the customers. This is developed by the highly experienced professionals for best solutions. The extension does not store any confidential information of the customer’s card and ensures the transaction is encrypted to render maximum security.

5. Shortlist Extension

Especially, today’s online shopping customer experience is an important factor to be considered by the merchants. Few customers see and buy a product immediately. While others  shortlist, compares and then buy the desired product. To make shopping hassle free for such customers, Module Bazaar – an online marketplace has brought the Shortlist Extension to let the customers buy more products.

The extension allows comparing an unlimited number of products where they can view the product details easily. Hence, the installation is easy with the friendly interface.

To conclude, Magento Extensions reduces the efforts in maintaining the online store and shopping. It provides benefit to both merchants and customers, which mean the former can earn good ROI. Whereas, the later can get good products at an exciting price. Merchants with Magento platform who want to outperform in the competitive world can look for the Magento Extension offered by the Module Bazaar.

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