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Empower your Magento Store by integrating Social Media Network

Magento is a powerful and a flexible eCommerce software runs on PHP/MySQL platform. It can be used in all businesses, including small, medium, and large. Magento store offers pliable admin panel for merchants to modify content, look and functionality of his own online channel. More than 199,000 online store merchants trust that Magento is a perfect eCommerce platform for any type of eCommerce business. Hence, there are many companies offering Magento Development Services to make eCommerce store more attractive and professional. By using these services, merchant can present a stunning website with all features and functionalities based on customer expectations.

Magento becomes more popular in the eCommerce business world due to its extensive analysis, report and product management systems, mobile version or payment system, etc. It offers excellent technical support to users. Hence, it is the favorite choice for many people. Magento is a scalable platform that can grow with your business, which means according to your business needs, you can customize the program. It offers three different eCommerce platform such as Magento enterprise editions, Magento Go, and Magento Community edition. Each platform has its own unique characteristics.

Magento is easily integrated with many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and more to increase visibility of your eCommerce store.

Importance of social media in Magento eCommerce store

Every day, millions of people show more interest to visit and spending more time on social media sites. The integration of social media gives businesses the unprecedented ability to build deep relationships with their customers. Hence, developers combined Magento with many social media sites and developed many modules to increase the popularity of a Magento store in social networks.

Magento Social Media Modules are designed to fulfil all your business needs. These modules come with unique and excellent features to improve the performance of your Magento eCommerce store. Based on your business requirement, you can choose best social module. These integration facilities help you to easily reach all social users without spending more money. It offers many advantages such as:

Simple Login: By integrating your Magento eCommerce store with social media site, you can allow your users to use their social media site login details to create an account on your website. That means, your customer can save more time without spending it for filling long registration form.

Fast Promoting: It allows users to share product reviews and ratings, photos, and videos on social media sites in order to share it with their friends other social users. It is the best and simple way to promote all your products without investing more money.

Coupons and gifts: You can offer coupons and gifts to your customers when they click “Like” button to share your products with others. This boost customers to visit your store again and again. By clicking this button on your eCommerce store, your product will reach many social users.

Publish Content on social media site: The social media integration allows you to display or post content about your website or products or services in social media sites. Professional and attractive content grab attention of potential customers.

There are a large number of Magento Extensions are used in different ways to increase the performance of your online business. By using these modules in eCommerce store, you can easily boost productivity of your business.

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