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Do you remember the days before online shopping? We had to go to one or more shops in order to purchase the desired product like the dress or electronic products or bags from the stores. It brings more inconvenience and lots of time wasting. But online shopping is a new trend attract all ages of people in the world because it is cost effective, highly convenient, and time saving. It provides a good shopping experience for the people. Mostly youngsters prefer online shopping to buy electronic products, footwear, mobile accessories, apparel, perfumes, books, etc. They believe that Magento eCommerce saves their time and provide various facilities to buy their desired product. As an online merchant, how will you showcase your products to these youngsters? Don’t worry. Now you can contact lakhs of people without wasting lots of money and time with the help of our Magento Social Media Integration. You may ask me how is it possible? Let me explain.

98% of people have accounts in social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Sharethis, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Email, Technoratti, Newsvine, Blogmarks, Digg, Reddit, etc. Pinterest is one of the important social networking sites, located in sunny San Francisco, California. Pinterest is a tool, allows you to organize and share all the files and the links. Many online merchants advertise their product through Pinterst to attract large number of people. It allows millions of people to browse pins and boards created by other people. And thus we offer “Magento Pintool Extension” to share your web store images on Pinterest.

Why Magento?

More than 18,000 online merchants prefer Magento platform for their online business. It provides complete flexibility and control over the functionality of the online channel for the merchants. It localized into more than 60 languages to attract all over the people in the world and also it supports multi currencies. The Magento Developers developed many extensions which help in magneto website development. The Magento themes provide professional and elegant look of any website. It is a user friendly software allows the merchant to make any changes in the website. It supports more than 60 payment gateways. Magento can be easily integrated with social networking sites.

Magento Pintool Extension

Pintool is a Magento plug-in used to integrate Pinterest into Magento site and blog. As you know that the Pinterest is a social photo sharing website. This plug-in will allow all the users to share the store photos and blog photos in Pinterest. The users registered on Pinterest site will be beneficial in using this photo sharing tool to share the photos on their profile. It provides three different options to share your photos on Pinterest. You need to put more efforts to share on the Pinterest social site. It is very simple to share all photos. The extension allows you to enable / disable the widget option. It is a friendly interface module. This Magento Extension is compatible with Magento community 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8. It is the best and easy way to share all your products and web store images to millions of people without wasting time and money. It is easy to install.

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