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Seamless Checkout in Drupal eCommerce by First Data GGe4

Every day online shopping sites are visited by most of the people in the globe. The eCommerce world has millions of users, merchants, products, payment gateways, and many more. The eCommerce shopping sites are built based on different platforms. Each platform is designed to meet the requirements of the eCommerce store merchants. Drupal First Data GGe4 is one of the important open source web development platform which has the ability to build a pliable, powerful, and a user friendly website. The Drupal Development team developed more than 25,070 modules and 1,900 attractive themes. The Drupal community consists of 610,000+ users, 30,920 developers, and the designers. Drupal offers the look of the website very professional and beautiful. It attracts more visitors towards the Drupal eCommerce store.

Drupal powers more than thousands of eCommerce websites such as Louvre, White House.gov, X.commerce, World Economic Forum, MyFCC, SRR, Stanford University, Hurley Medical Center, Examiner.com, Mollom.com, etc. Drupal supports multiple currencies and multiple languages and it is widely used in more than 220 countries in the world. Drupal has many developers and the users because of its flexibility and reliability. It helps the merchant to control his website content easily. It has many tools to arrange, structure, find, and reuse of the content of the website. Drupal is easily combined with many payment gateways such as Authorize.Net, First Data, E-xact, PayPal, Google, WorldPay, Cybersource, PayflowPro, LinkPoint, iTransact, ccard, eWAY, Assist, ProtX VSP Direct, and many more payment gateways.

First Data GGe4 in Drupal eCommerce store

The First Data payment gateway is a leading payment gateway service provider which processing the payment transaction in many countries with a safe and secure manner. The 48 years of experience in the payment processing industry make the First Data Payments very famous in the world. It has millions of users. First Data Global Gateway e4 hosted payment gateway is a one of the First Data services which is designed to accept the internet based eCommerce transactions. It accepts the payments by the credit cards in the eCommerce website and process the payment in the First Data payment gateway. The First Data GGe4 is easily integrated with the Drupal eCommerce solution to offer the best shopping experience to the customers.

The First Data GGe4 hosted payment accepts the credit cards from the customers in the Drupal eCommerce store and process the payments through the First data secure payment page. It is very easy to install and use this payment gateway extension. The Drupal developers developed this extension to make the Drupal Payments very safe. First data process the full payment transaction in its gateway site. So the merchant need not to buy the SSL certificate. The extension passes the major PCI responsibilities to the First Data and it reduces the PCI requirements significantly. The First data GGe4 hosted is a great choice for the merchants who have limited technical knowledge for using the payment gateway. By implementing this payment gateway on the Drupal eCommerce store the merchant can provide the seamless checkout experience to the customers.

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