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How to make Customer become happier with search in Your Site

Search is a topic of ever increasing importance. Users increasing rely on search to separate signal from noise and find what they’re looking for quickly. In addition, search can provide insight into what things are popular (many searches), what things are difficult to find on the site and ways you can improve the site better. Apache Solr is an open source search platform built upon a Java library called Lucene. Solr is a popular search platform for Web sites because it can index and search multiple sites and return recommendations for related content based on the search query’s taxonomy. This is good for Ecom sites.  Apache solr search increased the number of customer in site, so this more helps Ecom based sites.

Why do retailers need site with Apache SOLR search?

Apache-Solr Improved Sales

Effective site search means better usability, so customers can find things more quickly. This can translate into higher sales, as customers who find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase, while site search also offers opportunities for merchandising.

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Apache-Solr increase higher conversion rates

More intuitive search and navigation means higher conversion rates.

Apache-Solr Increased site usage

A better user experience means that customers are more likely to spend more time on the site, and can boost the number of registrations and return visits.

Apache-Solr Improved customer retention and loyalty?

More loyalty as customers know they can find products more easily.

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Apache-Solr Improved branding?

Improving user experience means more customer satisfaction, and a better customer journey compared to competitor websites.

Apache Solr and Haystack

Solr is a very powerful search tool and it is pretty easy to get the basics, such as full text search, facets, and related assets up and running pretty quickly.  Thus Haystack does the communication between Django and Solr.

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  • An open source and open development approach, enabled by the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Solr enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, joins, grouping and much more across any data type.
  • Slice and dice your data as you see fit using a large array of faceting algorithms.
  • Extensive filtering features allow applications to control what content is searched and when clustering, spellchecking, autocomplete and more make it easy to help users discover content.
  • Type ahead, autocomplete, auto-suggest, more like this you call it, Solr supports powerful and extensible mechanisms for providing suggestions to users as they type in their queries.
  • Spelling suggestions are a breeze to enable to help users correct their queries for better results.
  • Configurable hit highlighting helps users focus in on exactly where matches occur.

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Who can use?

Ecom sites, CMS sites, Blog sites and who want to reach friendly search for their customers.


Apache solr keeps user becomes more compatible while search in site. So user easily gets whatever need quickly. Also it increased customer rate in site. Integrating apache solr with website takes less time and also gives rich search experience to users.

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