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Love Your Customers – Make Sure You Give Them A Great Mobile User Experience

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Responsive Web Development is Essential

With ever-increasing frequency the citizens of today are relying on mobile devices as their primary portal for interacting with the companies they choose to patronize. Mobile app development services can help your business keep in touch with these changing use patterns. Users on smartphones and tablets have limited screen real estate; better optimized responsive web development can make the difference between your website being nearly impossible to navigate or a pleasantly efficient experience that keeps customers engaged with your company and buying your products.

Mobile User Experience

Google, in their capacity as makers of mobile devices and software, has studied the mobile user experience and found that even when users have desktop computers available they are far more likely to search for local businesses and information from their mobile devices. Responsive web development is seen as a necessary step for alleviating the frustrations that users of these devices encounter. Many common activities are even easier to perform on a properly optimized site via phone than on a computer-based browser. Google recognizes the importance of mobile-friendly websites and takes steps to make sure users searching from their smartphones and search engine are exposed primarily to sites that their analysis tools discover to be appropriately formatted.

Google Recommendation

Understanding mobile SEO is critical for helping search engines recognize and provide links to your site in response to search queries. Google recommends responsive web design for best results. This method allows your website to serve the same content but the appearance is automatically adjusted to fit the size of the users screen. This also allows users to access your site via the same URL making it easy for your customers to find your company and avoid needless page redirection which can impact your sites rank. For SEO purposes mobile app development should also avoid formats for embedded media that are not easily playable on phones. Signals to search engines that your site meets these qualifications can be inserted into your metadata which will help keep your search rank high.

Advantages Of Responsive Design

Mobile app development can come with additional costs and complications. While it is less expensive to serve up a single format website to users across platforms, smartphone users anticipate a certain quality of experience online and are quick to avoid sites that fail to meet their expectations. Some technical expertise is required to deploy these page formats and mobile app development services can be more expensive than traditional options. However, these investments are minimal compared to the dividends to be reaped in positive customer experiences. Customers who enjoy buying products on your conveniently usable site are far more likely to return; taking SEO into consideration, they are also far more likely to find your business in the first place.

Technology pervades our daily life and nearly everyone you do business with will have a mobile device at hand. Show your customers that you value their time and business by investing in their user experience. It doesn’t take a technical person to understand that a website which is legible and efficient to use on any device will improve product sales and increase repeat customers.

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