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7 Permits & Licenses you need to start an eCommerce Business

When you start an eCommerce business, it becomes essential that you make sure that you have all the permits and licenses to pursue your business without any legal hassle. Moreover, if you are thinking of entering an online marketplace to sell the products developed by your firm, it becomes all the more important to have permits and licenses.

It adds authenticity to your company and your customers to gain confidence in your business organization. Some of the permits and licenses that you require to start your eCommerce business are as follows:

Business operation license

This is a primary license that you will require to start a business anywhere. Even if you are launching an eCommerce mobile app for your online business,

you will need a suitable business operation license. The license will depend on whether you are a product-based or service-based company.

Additionally, you will have to pay specific fees for the license, and you will have to renew the license when it expires.

Employer Identification Number or EIN

This is required by the tax collection department of all nations across the world. This unique identification number is required for tax filing and ensures that the company pays payroll-related taxes and complies with all related tax rules.

This is more of a permit than a license and must avoid any tax-related hassles later on.

Doing Business As License or DBA

This is a permit that you require if you want to do an online business in your name. If you take a DBA, you can avoid opening a business account, and you can change the permit when your business expands.

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Seller’s permit

This is essential to do online business because it permits you to sell the products manufactured by your company or otherwise online.  However, the seller’s permit authorization differs from state to state.

You will have to get in touch with your local Licensing Office or Department of Revenue to understand the requirements for getting a seller’s permit.

Sales tax license

If you are planning to sell homemade products online, then you will require a sales tax license. These are tax permits that you need to get to ensure that you can sell the products in particular products. To get the permit, you will have to get in touch with your state’s respective sales tax department.

Home occupation permit

If you are carrying out your eCommerce business from your home, you will need a home occupation permit. This will let the local authorities know that you are carrying out a business from your home,

but it is not adding extra traffic or creating any neighbourhood noise. This permit is essential to avoid any legal hassle in the future.

Occupational license

This is required to lend credibility to your business. The type of occupational license that you need to apply for will depend on your eCommerce business. If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce retail business, procure an occupational license mentioning those particular details. If you are a home service provider, then your occupational license will have to mention these details.

Thus, when you launch an eCommerce business, it becomes essential that you acquire the necessary licenses and permits to avoid any legal hassles in the future.

Additionally, it will also simplify the payment of taxes and make it easier for you to file for various taxes that companies have to pay. Moreover, when your company expands, all you need to do is renew the permits and not get new ones or pay penalties for having done business without the necessary permits.

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