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PrestaShop CountDown Timer

PrestaShop CountDown Timer – Keep Promotional Offers for Limited Period

Festive seasons are always the best occasion for online merchants boost their sales and make a profit. Since it is a seasonal sale, sellers need to devise some strategy to draw the attention of customers to make a purchase. For this, the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module can be integrated to PrestaShop Store to show flash sales on their home pages along with countdown timers to enhance sales.

PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module

By using this module, they can effectively display count-down specials, flash sales for special occasions in an appealing manner. They can create sales for a specific time period and also offer a discount on the prices.

This module is an ideal option to show your customers that the offer is expiring soon! So, if you intend to offer a product with a special price for a restricted period of time, you may require a countdown timer. Thus, the Special Price Countdown Timer will enable your visitors to get to know how much time they are left with for the expiry of the special offer you give and this will make them rush to buy your product.

Moreover, this timer extension integrates selectively with a particular range of products. Once you set up the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module, the timer will automatically display the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left for the expiry of the offer. All you need to do is to simply set the discount period as well as the discount percentage while you customize the countdown timer module in your custom PrestaShop eCommerce site.

Advantages PrestaShop Sales Boosters

The PrestaShop Sales Boosters offer you with a number of benefits to thrive successful in your online sales during festive seasons.

  • Has an attractive appearance. This extension will noticeably complement your online site.
  • The multilingual feature (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese) will enable you to easily add new or change existing language.
  • It supports MultiStore
  • Resize the appearance.
  • Compatible with all versions of PrestaShop. The extension makes use of the CSS classes from your website and so it is compatible with your own theme as well
  • Easily attracts the attention of your visitors and customers.
  • Facility to alter schema and text color.
  • Can use sliding of the products along with countdowns in the block.
  • Hassle free installation and configuration.

Some of the Features of PrestaShop Count-down Timer Module are:

  • Set up of any size of countdown for product the page, Home Featured block and also for sliding block.
  • Show countdowns on products list or not.
  • Few products for one countdown.
  • Can set up varied text for different products.
  • Enables to alter the height, number of products, and position for sliding block.
  • Displays sliding block only on home page or on other pages also.
  • Enables to see countdowns active and expired list on back-office.
  • In addition to expiry date and time, you can also set up start date and time.


Thus, the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module displays the count down on your list of products you want to sell during a limited period. Embedded with an array of features, this module is the best option for online merchants. Helps to increase their sales with a limited period offer.

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