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Smartest Way To Begin A Deal Website Through Python Groupon Clone

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Python script based Python group deal is introduced for the merchants looking to enhance their product by increasing traffic at the shopping sites. Main aim of this group deal is to attract customers by affording more deals and to increase profit on a daily basis. Python Groupon Clone makes use of Python script to create Groupon-Like site. If you are worried about your business with less profit and no increase in your sales count you can think about offering deals on your online stores.

Python clone Script  is tested and implemented successfully by numerous administrators, merchants and users.

Lists of features supported by Python Groupon Clone are shown below

  1. Payment Gateway Integration

  2. Mass Payment Option

  3. Newsletter Subscription

  4. Refer Friends

  5. Report Generation

  6. Coupon Code Generation

  7. Product Display

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway supported by this module is PayPal Pro. This payment gateway is used for the customers to experience a secured and seamless payment transaction. Merchants offer deal to customers like 50% discount on purchase of mobile phone of each five. If the deal has reached the minimum subscriber level, payments of these customers will be authorized and captured. If the deal offer time limit ends and still the customer have not reached the minimum subscriber level, payments made by the customer will be automatically refunded to the customer’s account at the end of the deal day. Time and date limit will be automatically activated on each deal. On end date of each deal, time and date limit will be automatically deactivated.

Mass Payment Option

Mass payment option allows the merchants to process bulk payments which save the merchants time rather than processing single customer at a time. Maximum number of customers to be allocated for a deal can be customized and configured by the back office team.

Newsletter Subscription

Using “Get deals by email” option helps merchants to advertise and promote the deals offered on their online shops. Merchants can subscribe the customers via email about the new deals inorder to increase the sales percentage.

Refer Friends

Customers can refer your deal to other friends by using ‘share our link’ and ‘comments’ features. Using Gmail account you can also refer your friends by importing contact lists existing in your Gmail account.

Report Generation

Two reports can be generated one for merchants and the other one is for the admin. Reports generation provides detailed information about the products.

Coupon Code Generation

Coupon code is generated for the customers to purchase deal offer. Coupon code validity date will be printed in this coupon. Provision for the merchants to send the coupon code to the customers Email Id is available in this module. Status of the coupons could be checked to trace out the used and unused coupons.

Product Display

Products can be displayed category wise and city wise.

Other features supported by this module are facebook login and affording gifts in the form of deals to your loved ones. Back office team offers facility to change the product image, configure the upcoming deals, upload product videos and to display the slide show of deals.

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