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Secure Checkout by Joomla First Data GGe4 Payment Module

It is the second most used CMS on Internet. Powered by PHP and MySQL. Virtuemart is an open source e-commerce solution integrated with many features serves as one of the main component in the current e-commerce business market. Do you know why do online store owners prefer CMS implemented using Virtuemart? It supports unlimited number of products and categories and allows the store owner to use different payment gateways for their online store. It serves as a plugin to Joomla First Data. Installing plugin into CMS converts it as eCommerce software.

Joomla First Data GGe4 Payment Module implements a secured customer payment transaction using Joomla First Data GGe4 payment gateway. This module allows processing of payments made by customers using credit cards. Merchants interested in purchasing this module should possess First Data GGe4 merchant account. Customers can experience seamless and secured check out on the online store without the need of directing customers to different sites for checkout.

As soon as the customer check out by entering the credit card details, the payment plugin connects with First Data Server to initiate the customers payment transaction and the merchant account details. Payment gateway is directly connected with your online store. Joomla First Data GGe4 Module captures the credit cards details entered by the customer, validates and passes the transaction details to First Data. Module will not store any vital credit card information, no need to worry about the PCI Compliance. Merchant will be provided the facility to authorize only or authorize and capture the payment. Back office team configures and customizes the payment settings to be reflected on the merchant account page. Customer order and payment method can be viewed by the merchants and provision to update the order status is also provided.

Have you ever thought of starting business through Internet? Though it is a tough process you need to have a proper plan of implementing your shopping cart. If you wish to start an online store, it’s quite natural for shop owners to make use of merchant account and payment gateways. Merchant account is owned by shop owners. This account is used to accept online payment card transactions. Payment gateway provides secured way of transforming the customer’s payment transactions to the merchant account.

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