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PayPal Payments Advanced module for WordPress WooCommerce

Over the last decade internet usage has soared high, and the key reason for this is the eCommerce. Shoppers can have a trouble free shopping experience at the comfort of their home. In spite of offering such great products in the eCommerce store some people are reluctant to make online purchases. This is because people are not comfortable using their cards or providing their credentials online. The only solution for this is to integrate reliable woocommerce payment gateways in websites.

Every day, PayPal is processing more than 9 million payments in a secure way. PayPal is easily integrated with the eCommerce software’s in order to make the payment process in the store more fast and simple. It accepts all major credit cards and when the customer submits the details, the information is sent to the PayPal Payment Gateway for processing the payments. It allows the customer to stay on the merchant site for the entire payment transactions, which means, no redirection of customers from the merchant website to the payment gateway website.

Advantages of using PayPal Payment

  • Accept all major credit/debit cards
  • Provides different payment solutions for merchants and customers
  • Accepts payment in multiple currencies from a single account
  • Supports mass payments
  • Refund feature is available in the configuration page
  • Supports both “Authorize & Capture” and “ Authorize only and Capture later” features

Around the globe, there is plenty of eCommerce software available and Woo Commerce is one among them. It is a proficient eCommerce Plugin that helps you enhance your store front. With Woo Commerce you get fabulous designs and themes that adds to the e-commerce functionality.

WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Module

The WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Module allows users to pay through credit cards. The user will stay on the web site throughout the checkout process and will not be redirected to any other page. The whole payment process happens within the module while the payment is processed through PayPal Payment Gateway.


  • Users stay on the site for the entire checkout process
  • PayPal will take care of payment transaction security
  • For this module SSL is not required.
  • For successful payments, PayPal Transaction ID will display in the purchases log
  • Easy installation and configuration

The WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Module is a must for faster and safer online payments. As this module accepts payments within the eCommerce site without redirecting, the customers do not go through a waiting phase or waste time while the transaction takes place. So, online retailers can make shoppers happy and earn their trust by using this payment gateway module which in turn will lead to increase in sales.

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