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Get WP PayPal Payments Advanced for Best Payment!!

Constructing a payment system for your WordPress e-commerce site is an important step. To accept payments online, a good payment system has to be integrated. One of the most popular and easy to use payment systems is PayPal. Start accepting PayPal payments on your WordPress site in 2 minutes! Give your customers a seamless checkout.

PayPal Payments Advanced for WordPress WP e-Commerce works by embedding an iframe in your checkout process. This gives you the advantage of on-site integrated seamless checkout without worrying about PCI compliance. PayPal handles it with the hosted pages behind the iframe. Hence there is no need to purchase an SSL certificate.

PayPal Payments Advanced is a strong gateway which has been provided without the hefty monthly fee that usually accompanies this type of close site integration. Similar to PayPal Pro, the customer enters their credit card details on the site during the checkout process and PayPal handles the rest. This results in an extremely smooth checkout process during which the user is not supposed to leave the site.


  • Users stay on site for the entire checkout process.
  • Payment transaction security will be taken care by PayPal and no SSL is required.
  • Payments can be accepted within the ecommerce site (without redirection)
  • Supports `Authorize & Capture`, `Authorize only & Capture later` feature.
  • Supports refund feature from the configuration page.
  • Accept Credit Card payments and process through PayPal Advanced payment gateway integration

Get our easily installed plugin and give hassle free payment option to your customers!

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