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What are the website design errors that affect SEO

Some businesses these days decide to design their professional website from scratch because it saves them money and allows them their free will. Although you might be able to save some money indeed, there is no guarantee that your unrestrained designing skills will make your website SEO friendly. If your website design is not proving itself to be successful in closing more sales, it is not catering to the SEO requirements.

If your online visibility is dissatisfactory, see whether you are making these SEO mistakes while designing your website:

  • Website is lagging

If your website takes even just a few seconds longer to load and function, your visitors will leave right away. Apart from this, they will ensure not to waste their time ever which will hugely impact your brand reputation. Often website owners spend so much attention on aesthetics that they simply forget to see this feature that is of utmost importance to their customers. Internet users lack patience mostly because they have multiple options available at the touch of their fingertips so they would not wait more than 2-3 seconds for your web pages to load.

  • Incompatible with mobile

Google will not include your website in the search results of users browsing the internet via their smartphones if your website is not compatible with smartphones. Gone are the days when you could only access the internet from PCs and laptops and today because today about 69% of people rely on their smartphones to visit the web. If your website is not friendly to mobiles, you are losing much of your revenue due to a drop of nearly 30% in your website traffic. If you are entrusting the website designing job to a Python Development Company make sure to include this amongst the must-have features of your website.

  • Including important information in images

We all know that visual content such as images and videos are a great way to withhold the attention of the audience. Often to spike engagement, website designers add essential information in the images and videos. However, they fail to understand that it would not help them score high ranks in the search results of Google. When Google’s algorithm crawls websites to rank them, they only look for HTML code and textual content and not the visual content. So, you should include the important keywords and other information in the textual format so that Google can find it. However, since Google can access HTML codes, you can add in the Alt attribute consisting of a brief for every image you post.

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  • Inferior quality of content

Search engines like Google always webpages hosting accurate, credible, relevant, and useful information at the top of the search results. If your website content is not up to the mark, Google might ban your webpage as well, without your knowledge. It generally happens if Google finds fake information or spam links on your website. Your responsibility as a website owner should be to optimize the content by improving the overall quality and checking the credibility of the links.

  • Stuffing irrelevant elements in your website

To make websites look more fancy and attractive, web designers often end up including a ton of images, icons, animations, etc. If the elements are heavy they will increase the loading of the website and a majority of visitors will choose the exit path. So, it is advisable to test the loading time of your website with the help of online tools, and if the results say that your website is taking long to load, remove the icons and the images which are not necessary.
If you don’t want to commit any designing errors and enable your website the chance to acquire high SEO standards, contact a Python Development Company. 

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