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Python was originally invented by Van Rossum as a hobby language in December 1989. Also, the major and backward-incompatible version of the general-purpose programming language was released on 3rd December 2008. But Python is recently rated by some surveyors as the most popular coding language of 2015. The massive popularity indicates Python’s effectiveness as a modern programming language. At the same time, Python 3 is currently used by developers across the world for creating a variety of desktop GUI, web and mobile applications. There are also some reasons why the huge popularity and market share of Python will remain intact over a longer period.

5 Reasons Why the Massive Popularity of Python Will Remain Intact in the Future

1) Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms

Good developers often take advantage of different programming paradigms to reduce the amount of time and effort required for developing large and complex applications. Like other modern programming languages, Python also supports some commonly used programming styles including object-oriented, functional, procedural and imperative. It further features automatic memory management, along with a dynamic type system. So programmers can use the language to effectuate development of large and complex software applications.

2) Doesn’t Require Programmers to Write Lengthy Code

Python is designed with a complete focus on code readability. So the programmers can create a readable code base that can be used by members of distributed teams. At the same time, the simple syntax of the programming language enables them to express concepts without writing longer lines of code. The feature makes it easier for developers to large and complex applications within a stipulated amount of time. As they can easily skip certain tasks required by other programming languages, it becomes easier for developers to maintain and update their applications.

3) Provides a Comprehensive Standard Library

Python further scores over other programming languages due to its extensive standard library. The programmers can use these libraries to accomplish a variety of tasks without writing longer lines of code. Also, the standard library of Python is designed with a large number of high use programming tasks scripted into it. Thus, it helps programmers to accomplish tasks like string operations, development, and implementation of web services, working with internet protocols and handling operating system interface.

4) Effectuates Web Application Development

Python is designed as a general-purpose programming language and lacks built-in web development features. But the web developers use a variety of add-on modules to write modern web applications in Python. While writing web applications in Python, programmers have the option to use several high-level web frameworks including Django, web2py, TurboGears, CubicWeb, and Real. These web frameworks help programmers to perform some operations, without writing additional code, like database manipulation, URL routing, session storage and retrieval, and output template formatting. They can further use the web frameworks to protect the web application from cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery.

5) Facilitates Development of High-Quality GUI, Scientific and Numeric Applications

Python web development is currently available on major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX. So the desktop GUI applications written in the programming language can be deployed on multiple platforms. The programmers can further speedup cross-platform desktop GUI application development using frameworks like Kivy, wxPython, and PyGtk. 

Python Frameworks and Their Real World Usage

Why should you use Python for your development? Python is a language which has obtained a stupendous popularity in the industry within a substantially less time span after the magical touch from Google. The speed of the technology has enhanced around two to three times. As a result, it is often favored for a large-scale software application that requires immense power and speed from the essence of the language. Well in the 21st century we can’t ignore the significance of web domain, and fortunately, Python is extremely flexible in developing enterprise standard web solutions. 

Django framework: This is apparently the most prominent Python web framework of the industry. Django is extremely powerful and was performed for the first time in a job portal to ensure its efficiency. Later on, it was issued for everyone and received an overwhelming response in the industry. This is the largest Python based web framework of the industry and hence comes with extraordinary power and points for the Python developers. There is a tremendous support community for this framework which is working 24×7 to contribute support to others. It has the most compelling admin interface for the original level control of any large scale web application. Practically this framework is remarkably useful in developing online forums, portals, and other social networking sites. It is also extremely common in developing quick web solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Flask: Flask is a micro-framework developed in Python having an exceptional background. It was the outcome of an April Fool’s Day surprise from an intelligent Python developer of India. Mr. Pradeep Gowda dared his colleague to produce a single file micro framework in Python, and he won in the same and gifted it to his fellow as the April Fool’s surprise. Well, this is not as compelling as that of Django, but it can be used for the moderate size of Python web application development projects. It is quite suitable for beginners who want to learn Python and start coding in less time span. It creates an unquenchable thirst among the Python developers to experiment with the framework. It is often used in small web development that too within a low budget and insufficient time frame. Therefore it has received a good word of sound response from the industry since its inception.

Pyramid: Pyramid is yet another awesome Python development framework having the extraordinary flexibility to serve a wide range of web applications. It is also influenced by github, and hence there is no fear for support. It is growing at an extremely faster pace in the community due to its resilient nature. Practically it is essential for developing enterprise standard API Python projects and creating Python based CMS or KMS.

In Conclusion

The web applications are obliging more speed, and power and this can be accomplished with Python. All sorts of data driven web applications can be generated in Python with maximum power and potential. In fact, Python is remarkably popular among web developers due to its unmatched attributes and performance along with some highly efficient frameworks. Let us review top Python frameworks in the  industry.

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