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Software Testing

Software testing is an integral part of the whole process of software development. Every software development project has its specifics that ought to be taken into account when opting for the testing approach and process. Software testing is a process used to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software.


eGrove provides facilities and resources for functional and non-functional testing of software applications that have been developed by our clients. Our hands on expertise in software test governance, process and infrastructure facilitates our customers to optimize their quality management and ensure usage of defect-free software applications. eGrove is renowned as a HP QTP testing company with its handful of qualified HP QTP Professionals who helps to reduce your investment cost for IT software testing.


The whole process of software testing services extended by us falls in to two groups viz FUNCTIONAL and Non-FUNCTIONAL.

  • Functional : Functionality testing that we perform is intended to assess whether a software application offers perfect functionality, in tune with the design specifications of the developed application.It is performed to verify that a software application perform and function correctly according to design specifications. eGrove uses Appium Testing for functional testing of mobile applications.
  • Non-Functional : We extend the Non-Functional software testing services with the objective of verifying the array of features of the developed software application like memory leaks, functionality and strength of the system. It is a software testing technique that verifies the attributes of the system such as memory leaks, performance or robustness of the system.


  • System Testing : Our System Testing consists of checking the behavior of entire software application as required in the software development project. It is to verify that the system to be delivered meets the specification and its purpose.
  • Integration Testing : This test is done to verify whether the modules of the software application are integrated logically and tested as a group. The main focus of testing is to check the interfaces & flow of data/information between the modules of the application under test.
  • Regression Testing : Regression testing is an exercise of full or partial checking of already performed test cases to ensure that the existing functionalities are in good condition (working fine) and to ensure that new code changes have no side effects on the prevailing functionalities.
  • End to End Testing : We offer End to End testing for testing whether the flow of a software application from start to finish is satisfactory, as per the application design. The entire application is tested for critical functionalities such as communicating with the other systems, interfaces, database, network and other applications.
  • User Acceptance Testing : We give the option to our clients to test the effectiveness of our software testing services extended by us through the User acceptance Testing.


  • Performance Testing : We conduct Performance Testing to determine the system parameters with respect to responsiveness as well as stability under the diverse workload of the software application. We make use of JMeter and Load runner to conduct this type of testing. Speed, Scalability, Stability, and reliability are main attributes of performance testing.
  • Load Testing : Load Testing consists of testing the application’s behavior under a specific load and to know the behavioral changes if any when putting the demand on a software application and measuring its response under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.
  • Usability Testing : Usability Testing is extremely significant in terms of the quality and operational feasibility of an application. We perform this testing to assess the extent to which the software developed is easy to comprehend, easy to learn, easy to run and attractive to the end users.
  • Volume Testing : We conduct the Volume Testing as part of the performance testing where the software application is loaded with a huge volume of data and test the load bearing capacity of the application. The purpose of volume testing is to determine system performance with increasing volumes of data in the database.
  • Compatibility Testing : Compatibility Testing services are intended to test whether the software developed has the capacity to perform on varied hardware operating systems, applications, network environments, mobile devices etc. Hardware, OS, network, browser, software, mobiles are types of comparability testing.
  • Mobile Application Testing : We offer efficient mobile app testing for clients. Our testing encompass Functional Testing, Laboratory Testing, Performance Testing, Memory Leakage Testing, Interrupt Testing, Usability testing and Installation testing to check improper functioning due to low battery, bad network coverage, low available memory etc in the mobile app and address all mobile app bottlenecks and ensure a smooth functioning for the mobile device user. We use Appium Testing solutions for detailed functional testing of mobile applications
  • API Testing : We offer excellent API Testing for the developed application, which has a collection of API that should be tested. During the API Testing, we explore boundary conditions and ascertain that the test harness various parameters of the API calls that verify functionality as well as expose failures. Also, we test the Sequence of API calls and verify if the API’s produce useful outcomes from successive calls. We precisely determine through the test whether APIs return the apt response in the format as expected for a wide range of feasible requests, whether it responds correctly to edge cases like failures and unexpected inputs and if it delivers responses within a reasonable amount of time and reacts safely to potential security attacks.
  • Automation Testing : In this testing service, we use testing tools and/or programming to run the test cases using software or custom developed test utilities. In software testing, the Automation Testing refers to the use of special software, other than the software being tested; to conduct the tests and to compare the actual outcomes with anticipated outcomes. Being an Selenium Testing company eGrove offers Automation testing solution to increase productivity and improve quality of your product.


    There are important sets of test deliverable that are needed for any software testing program ranging from planning to testing and defect remediation as well as status reporting. We offer Test Deliverables to our stakeholders of software development project during the system development life cycle.


    • Software Testing Strategy
    • Software Testing Plan
    • Software Test Scenarios and Test Cases
    • Defect Summary Report
    • Software Testing Reports
    • Daily Test Status Reports


    Software Testing Assurance & Methodologies

    Other Points taken care of:

    • Offer testing services with state of the art facilities for diverse testing processes.
    • Provide test scripts for various testing services.
    • Provide Test Release notes.

    Other Points taken care of:

    • Offer testing services with state of the art facilities for diverse testing processes.
    • Provide test scripts for various testing services.
    • Provide Test Release notes.


    Our expert team of testers always adheres to latest testing procedures. Given below is a brief overview on how we extend our testing services:

    immaculate project management

    immaculate project management

    Testing Mechanism

    Ensure faster development and time bound completion of testing program

    best software testing practices

    Adhere to best software testing practices and coding procedures

    Ensure security compliances

    Ensure security compliances

    Dedicated QA team

    Dedicated QA team that offer high-end quality testing services

    Unit testing and Issue tracking mechanism

    Offer immaculate Unit testing and Issue tracking mechanism

    Efficient Source Code Version control mechanism

    Efficient Source Code Version control mechanism




    eGrove is a specialized Selenium Testing Company and we have been able to thrive in this software testing domain, mainly due to our in-depth expertise and wide exposure that we have accessed through extending our wide array of application testing services to our loyal patrons. Moreover, our efficient HP QTP Testing team renders these testing services to clients in a highly satisfied and time bound manner.




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