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Software Testing Services for Quality Control in Development Process

Testing is one of the most important phases of the software development life cycle, and is instrumental in the final delivery and acceptance of software. There is a misconception in the minds of the people that the testing phase happens only after the complete development phase is done. This, however, is a misnomer. The Software Testing Services must work in sync with the development so as to ensure that there are no errors occurs in the system.

Software Testing Services Development are cyclic processes

The waterfall model is one of the most traditional and has many modes of software development across the globe. The model defines the various steps of software development as requirement gathering and analysis, design, coding, testing and finally implementation. All these five components of the software development life cycle are cyclic in nature. That is one step cross links with the next and the previous step.

Therefore, after the development of every module or function, the Quality Control team executes the test plan. In the requirement analysis phase they check whether there is any error or technical glitch in the module. In case of any glitch occurring in the module, the testing team re-directs the module to the development team who in turn works on the feedback and closes all the outstanding issues and glitches, before zeroing on the freezing of the functionality.

Quality Control has more to do with the product than process

The software development life cycle involves the usage of two key quality processes in order to ensure and debug all glitches, and also prevent the system from any further occurrence of the same issue or glitches. The former is termed as Quality Control, and the latter is termed as Quality Assurance.

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The Software Testing Services has separate processes and protocols in place that tests each and every functionality in a software. These tests are performed under strict and stringent test cases which are prepared based on the requirements set in the first process of the software development life cycle.

Now, this experience gains from multiple quality control initiatives, as they set of best practices for project findings. These best practices, known as Quality Assurance, help in preventing the cause of the error in the development process. In all the different stages of the software development quality initiative process follows. Hence it reduces the occurrence of common issues and glitches.

Implement-ability of software – System and Acceptance Test

The testing environments is set after the development and for routine testing of software. The software tests the system on which it is meant for, in terms of the user experience. And the actual production load will be implemented. Only after all these testing phases Sponsors accepts the software.

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