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Build Android Mobile App for Magento Store – Elite mCommerce

You will come across many extensions that are able to turn your eCommerce store Android Mobile App with the use of some add-ons or plugins. If you have an eCommerce store in Magento platform, then you simply need to look for the mobile app builder, which completely synchronize your existing eCommerce website.

Build Android Mobile App for Magento Store

The Magento Mobile App offers you one of the most convenient and easiest way to convert your website into Android Mobile App so that you can easily reap great benefits of great sales by boosting the customer loyalty. With the use of Magento Mobile Apps, for the android platform customers user experience will enhance, as they will have hardly fewer steps to review the products.

You will find that there are no mobile phones and neither have you required any type of specific programming skills. It is easy to setup and much cheaper. The mobile app developers can help you in building the right mobile app by using the bespoke coding on Magento side not on the mobile device application layer. Thus, it is more scalable and requires that it lower the skilled labor to manage. In most of the cases, it does not require any type of custom code.

How Mobile App Builder works?

Mobile App Builder based upon open source code, that allows merchants to design, build and also test the apps. The higher mobile conversion that you can enjoy with the use of simple mobile app and debit card screening. Customer card details stored in the cloud under PCI Level security is the safest ways to handle your features.

They work reliably and securely on the leading mobile operating system like Build Android Mobile App for Magento Store. It helps empower merchants to adopt a continuously evolving strategy. However, Mobile app marketing is possible via in-app notifications help merchants to promote products, increase loyalty and have a greater engagement.

You will find that it is easy to add mobile specific content management, such as opening times and store locator. Magneto mobile app easily synchronize to work with the existing Magento payment methods.

As soon as you integrate the Magento Mobile App in your website, you will see that the settings visible on Magento admin panel. It is important to enter the few configuration details. Moreover, you need to interact with your Magento website through various web services such as categories, orders, catalog update, and also customer profile.

Here are few steps to follow up right on the setup

  • You simply need to set up a Magento store on your web server with some sample data
  • Magento Admin->Mobile->Manage Apps and add new mobile applications
  • Install Magento Mobile app on your device
  • Start the app on your device with your Magento store URL and also app code of the application.

Therefore, you can now enjoy a greater usability with the Magento Mobile AppLook for more customers on mobile whom you have missed out earlier with Elite mCommerce.

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