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Fitpal – Nutrition, Client Portal



This is a platform that connects dietitians with their clients and offers a variety of features such as scheduling appointments, creating meal plans, using AI to generate meal plans, integrating with various fitness devices, providing food and progress diaries, and enabling one-on-one video and message chats between dietitians and clients.


Features Implemented in Fitpal – Nutrition

  • The website will feature a user registration and login system that allows clients to create an account and access their personalized meal plans, AI plans, connected devices, and nutritional advice.

  • The platform will enable clients to book appointments and have one-on-one video chats or text chats with a nutritionist.
  • Clients will be able to connect to any digital device and extract data from it.
  • The platform will feature an AI nutrition identifier that can identify the recipes clients have had by analyzing photos.
  • Customized meal plans:The platform will offer a platform for health and wellness coaches to create personalized meal plans for their clients that are tailored to their individual dietary needs and goals.
  • AI Meal Plans: The platform will offer AI-generated meal plans for clients based on their activities and goals in the health and wellness domain.
  • Clients will be able to monitor their progress over time, including weight loss goals and other health metrics, to stay motivated and on track, using the website.


  • Website Development 100% 100%
  • Custom Module Development 100% 100%


  • AI-Artificial Intelligence
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • Mysql