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The POSS website serves as a health and wellness portal that aims to encourage favorable health results and offer assistance and resources to people and families who require behavioral healthcare services. eGrove has expanded the back-end of the website by adding additional components and functionalities, as well as providing support to resolve any problems resulting from the existing features. .


Features Implemented in poss

  • The POSS website is developed using a blend of Node-js for the back-end and HBS for the front-end.
  • We have incorporated performance management capabilities that display interactive charts, graphs, and maps based on the website’s data using highcharts.
  • Additionally, users can submit acknowledgments via a specific feature.
  • We have created a dynamic navigation system that enables the configuration of redirecting links through the update, view, and delete functions.
  • Furthermore, users with higher permission levels can access a dynamic service creator.
  • The project incorporates the advanced version of the CK Editor package.
  • It also includes mass mail and text message sending functionalities that depend on the selected service.
  • Users can generate and schedule report sending at specified intervals using the cron job feature.
  • Additionally, managers can view the working hours of their team members through graph generation.
  • The project also enables the setting of targets for user registration and tracking of growth analysis, with bar chart and graph generation available for new user registration.
  • Users can display bulk data with multiple service filters, with data tables located on the server-side for improved performance.
  • The project also implements pagination to reduce load times.
  • Finally, analysis reports for performance management can be shared with any email address.
  • The project displays the Logout, Login, session-time, and Active status of each user.
  • Users can upload and reset the count of submitted handbook acknowledgments dynamically.
  • Additionally, the project includes an auto session timeout feature that activates after 6 minutes of tab inactivity.
  • An entire dashboard has been created to showcase analytics and calendar events.
  • The project also includes a digital consent form that incorporates e-signature, redo, and pdf download and viewer functionalities using the puppeter package.
  • An automation cron service is in place for email sending, which integrates with the SendGrid platform for dynamic mail template creation.
  • The text message sending functionality integrates with Twilio, a third-party service.
  • Finally, the project includes a page displaying the count of active and inactive users for the last 14 days.


  • Website Development 75% 75%
  • Custom Module Development 75% 75%


  • Nodejs
  • Express-js Framework
  • HBS Templates
  • Mysql