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A Fashionable Theme for a Fashion Website

The best way to configure a trendy website for a fashionable store is to have a fashion website theme. Module Bazaar’s PrestaShop Fashion Store Theme is offered with the intention of giving a very sophisticated and rich look for your clothes store websites. Users will find it very interesting and easy to configure their website with this theme. There are so many features which gives the website owners a cushion to manage their webpage with ease and comfort.

This theme was developed by eGrove systems and put on Modulebazaar – an eCommerce Marketplace, gives a wide range of options to categorize the products of the store. This will make the users to go through the products available in a very organized way. The separate variety of products will be tagged under different tag names and hence searching becomes easy.

Easy Diversions

In this theme, there are several navigational links which when clicked will take the users to the webpage they want. There are also provisions for incorporating banner ads and short cut icons in the webpage. There is also a feature which adds up the newsletter subscription icon in the webpage. Hence this makes it convenient for the users to subscribe the newsletters for knowing more about the store and its offers at any given time.

This fashion website theme can be used by stores which sell apparels, shoes, fashion accessories etc. Since, the website will be very attractive with a variety of colours and images, the users will spend more time surfing in this webpage.

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Exciting Features

It comes with a tableless design which is supported by valid HTML 1.1 version and CSS. This webpage has modules which makes it feasible for the users to navigate to different pages and via links that are provided in a menu that is located in the top of the webpage. There are a variety of customized wizard images which enable the users for a maximum of five page checkout and a minimum of one page checkout processes.

This theme comes with beautiful colour combinations which would instantly attract the users and would definitely make them spend more time in this webpage. The materials liked can be added to virtual carts and can be billed altogether at the end. These themes come with a very neat and clean background which is aesthetically pleasant to the users and hence they wouldn’t feel a bit of a strain in their shopping process.

Fashion website theme also supports multi-language translations which makes it easy for the users to view the contents in their native languages.

Hence, this is one of the best PrestaShop Templates designed by Module Bazaar to make the shopping experience of the users a memorable one.

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