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Enable All Favorite Social Media By Prestashop Social Power Pack

With the increasing social media websites, PrestaShop Social Media Power Pack Module is a boon to its users as it allows them to be on all of their favourite social media sites simultaneously. It is basically a module which gives the provision for the users to add may social buttons in one web page. This advanced sharing tool was mainly developed to increase the number of website audiences. This module is compatible with all the browsers and hence it can be incorporated by anyone with ease.

Key Features

This module can be diversely used in adding several social media sites like pinterest, facebook, twitter, google plus, newsvine, blogmarks etc. These social media icons can be added to the webpage in different styles according to the user’s theme. The users can customize this web page according to their interests. There a variety of themes available for the users and they can change the themes as per their convenience when needed. Multiple media tabs can be added in the same web page and can be managed simultaneously. This is the key feature of this social power pack module. Statuses in various social media websites can be shared, liked and commented on simultaneously by clicking on to the share, like, comment buttons that are available in this module’s web page.

Added Features

A box will be provided on top of each social media website’s icon. The box would have the notification updates numbers in it which will signify the latest updates that have been done in the corresponding social media sites. The users can see the figures and revert back as they wish to. This highly saves time for the users as they can view all the updates at one go and can respond to the ones they want to and ignore the one they don’t want to reciprocate. At the same time if they want to share the messages in all the social media sites simultaneously, they can do it by just clicking the share icons that are present in this module web page. This is one of the interesting and exciting PrestaShop modules which expands the networking experience of each user.

Demo Video of the Module

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