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PrestaShop Custom Footer

PrestaShop Custom Footer Module that Brings Change To Your Website

Module bazaar offers PrestaShop Custom Footer Module with Newsletter, Ads, Social and CMS features that make the website configuration easy and quick. This is one of the module bazaar best offered products as it gives a number of features which ensure easy usage. It has the cushion to support about four columns and rows in the footer which makes it convenient for the users to view the necessary information they want. It also has the provision for setting up newsletter in the footer. CMS links which help in creating website based on the user’s interests and themes can be incorporated in the selected footer row. This makes it very easy for the users to alter the websites according to their need and interest. Along with this, there is an option to add up social media icons and advertisement images in any of the columns which makes it easy for the users to connect to the webpage from their social networking accounts.

To Know More

When the users want to know more about the offers of Module bazaar, there is a provision in the footer which displays the newsletter subscription icon of the company. The subscription is just a click away and when done, periodical updates regarding the company’s products and offers on it are sent to the user’s email addresses. This sophisticated footer comes up with the prerequisite of multi-lingual editors which are given for each text box and hence the same information can be given in different languages and hence this gives a better reach to a variety of users.

Interesting Features

To overcome the monotonous text information, ModuleBazaar’s PrestaShop Custom Footer Module offers the usage of graphical smiley’s and images. These can be made use of for illustrating the given information in a nut-shell. This reaches the audience in an easy and faster way. Custom links can be added and managed in these footers which give an easy access to the pages that are linked to the website. The links that direct to texts can be put up with titles and this feature enables the user to know what information is given in which link. In short this product of module bazaar is very easy to be installed by the users and the time consumed for this installation process is just about five minutes. The users will find this footer to be useful and very friendly as it guides them as they desire and offers them what they want.

Demo of the Custom Footer Module:

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