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Prestashop Visitor Counter Module

Track the Customer who views website by Prestashop Visitor Counter Module

Shopping via Internet is more famous and people are more interested to purchase products. Online store owners are not aware about how many shoppers have accessed their shopping site. If you wish to display the visitor count on your shopping site, we offer a module with customizable features which suits to your own taste of displaying number of visitor counts on your website. PrestaShop Visitor Counter Module is designed for merchants to view the number of online visitors who visited the shopping site.

Count in three different forms as current active users, total visits onsite and total visitors onsite. Current active users count will display the number of online users, total visits count will be the number of visits, and total visitors onsite is the number of registered users. Number of counts will be displayed in the homepage. Module is very simple, cheap and easy to install. Automatically displays the number of visitors on your site by day, by week, and by month. Merchants can easily track the number of customers who have accessed the online site. By viewing the PrestaShop Visitors Online, merchants can easily trace out how far his online store has reached the customers located globally.

This module allows the merchants to increase the number of valuable customers. Helps to sum up the number of visitors who have accessed your website. Based on the count, the functionality of the store can be enhanced in a better way to increase the sales. PrestaShop Visitor Counter is displayed in the form of block using PHP. Block position can be customized into four different positions as left, right or on the header or footer as applicable. Position of the block can be configured and displayed as per the own requirement of the merchants.

Prestashop Visitor Counter Module is one of the best module to display the visitors count for any online store.

Are you interested to keep an eye on how many shoppers have accessed and made transactions on your online store?

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