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PrestaShop Geo IP Module – Locating customers Geographically

Currently eCommerce online stores are emerging day by day and merchants are fully concentrating on the ways to make their website popular throughout the world. And also mortar store owners may have one domain with no sub-domains or one domain with multiple sub-domains. One of the main purpose of having a sub-domain is to focus on lot more customers and get native presence worldwide. So merchants set a default domain displayed with English language and set all the other sub-domains displayed with respective languages. It means that they will assign French language URL to corresponding IP, German language URL to respective IP and so on. Hence to help such retailers we are introducing this PrestaShop Geo IP Module. This module enables merchants to detect the IP and showcase their domains.

Features and Benefits of PrestaShop GeoIP Module:

This PrestaShop GeoIP Extension will automatically identify the IP and redirect the website URL to the corresponding URL assigned to the detected IP. Installing the PrestaShop modules is effortless and it goes well with PrestaShop eCommerce Version 1.4.0 and above. The IP numbers are set in the back end, if the IP address of the customer visiting your website matches to one of the IP addresses given, then redirection takes place automatically else if the IP is not found, then default URL is displayed to the customer. Hence this module is beneficial for the stores that has one domain and multiple sub-domains. As a customer reaches your online store, he can view the product information in his native language and it becomes easy for him to understand the product details in a crystal-clear manner. Having such facility for your website, the customer will not only purchase the product from you, but will also refer the proficiency and greatness of your website to his friends and relatives. No doubt, websites using this module can hit the traffic rate very soon and boost their online business growth effectively.

Are you running an eCommerce based online store with multiple domains and not successful? Then PrestaShop Geo IP Module is an optimal solution for your website to please ‘n’ number of customers.

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