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Shipping Products through Multi Vendors using DropShipper

Out of 100%, 50% of the merchants started their business career in the eCommerce business world. The other 50% of the merchants don’t like to build their own online website store. If you ask them, they will say many reasons. Shipping products through Mulit-Vendor Dropshipper to the customers without delay and damage is a big and a difficult process for them. For this reason alone some of the merchants have never liked to start their business in online. But there is a solution to overcome this problem. That means by using the DropShipper eCommerce you can easily ship the products without facing any problems. With the help of the drop shipping method the eCommerce store owner can smoothly deliver the product to the customers at the correct time and without any damage to the products.

Drop Shipping and its benefits

  • Drop shipping is a method which is used to you to sell the products immediately to the customers without keeping the products in the stock.
  • It is easily integrated with the PrestaShop based eCommerce website to provide the best shipping process to the customers and the merchants.
  • When the customer places the order in the PrestaShop based eCommerce website or the merchant website, the drop shipper automatically sends the customers and the order information from the website to the vendor or the supplier who then take care of the shipping process.
  • Drop shipper shipping the products by allowing the multiple vendors.
  • To enhance the business it provides the sales report.
  • By using this drop shipping method, the merchant should not to worry about the fulfillment or the inventory issues.
  • Depends on the weight of the product and the location of the customers, drop shipper compute the shipping rate.
  • It will be easier for the merchants to show that his company collect the money from the customers for shipping the products in a right way.

Multi vendors for shipping the products

  • Drop shipper sends the information to the multiple vendors.
  • The multiple vendors can manage the shipping information for their items.
  • It allows the vendors to communicate with the store owner for any clarifications regarding the shipping of the products.
  • Based on the shipping carriers, drop shipping assigns the vendors.
  • Sometimes it will allow one or more shipping carriers to the particular vendor.
  • UPS, FedEx, and United States Postal Services (USPS) are the various shipping carriers that can be allotted to the vendors.
  • The vendors directly deliver the products to the customers with the help of the information which are given by the drop shipping method.

The PrestaShop DropShipper helps the online store owner to concentrate on the other work rather than using their time in the shipping process. Because the drop shipper takes care the entire process of shipping in the merchant site. It delivers the product at a correct time to the customers without any damage to the product. This will helps the merchants to run a successful website and to increase the sales of the business.

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