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Prestashop Advanced Filter Module Comes With a Bundle of Features

One of the most essential features of a ecommerce website is the filter tool with which the user can filter the products according to multiple parameters which include cost, color, size, manufacturer etc. The Prestashop Advanced Filter Module provides you the same tool and you can easily incorporate it into your ecommerce website. Not only that, you can place the Prestashop product filter module in any area of a webpage. Usually this module is used for category pages, homepages, best sales pages and new products pages.

You can easily get the Prestashop filter module- which is also known as Prestashop Ajax filter module– from ModuleBazaar. With this module you can greatly enhance the usability of your ecommerce website. With it, the visitors will be able to easily filter the products according to their requirements, which will in turn, increase the sales. Today, everyone is in a hurry and thus, if you want to sell your products, you need to make it as much easier as you can for your customers to find the desired products. This is where the Prestashop dynamic filter module comes in. This module is very affordable but the features it provides are very useful.

Here are the salient features of the Prestashop dynamic filter module-

  • Filter the products according to parameters like manufacturers, price, size of the products etc.

  • Set the tool block on either side of the page easily with the admin account

  • Color box display option

  • Assorted dynamic display of features, manufacturers, attributes and other objects

  • High performance optimization

  • Easy to install and configure according to custom requirements

  • Filter the products alphabetically

  • Customize the filter settings and the toolbar settings located at the top of the page with the help of responsive styles

  • Easy display of subcategories and hiding of the main category

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