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First Data Payment Gateway

First Data Payment Gateway for your PrestaShop eCommerce

Electronic Commerce or eCommerce describes the buying and selling of products and services via telecommunications networks, especially the Internet. The term eCommerce includes all the steps such as on-line marketing, ordering payment and support for delivery. Most of the merchants begun their own shopping website in the online. Over 125,000 eCommerce stores in the eCommerce business industry are built based on the PrestaShop platform. The PrestaShop developers and the designers developed more than 25,000 of extensions, which are used in the PrestaShop Development. Each extension varies from one another. The online store owner can pick the appropriate extension based on the requirements of his business. The PrestaShop extensions that are developed by the developers are PrestaShop First data Payment gateway Integration extensions, shipping integration extensions, social media integration extensions, etc.

  • It provides the pliable admin panel to the PrestaShop based eCommerce store owners.
  • It allows the merchant to modify the themes, content, and the product listings on the website at any time.
  • It supports multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • It integrates with the shipping carriers to make the shipping process very easy.
  • The main features of PrestaShop are PCI compliance support, marketing and promotion tools, analytics and reports, etc.
  • PrestaShop is integrated with the social networking sites to increase the traffic and the visibility of the site.
  • It attracts the store owners, developers, and the designers.
  • It makes the website look very professional and rich to attract many visitors towards the website.
  • It is very easy to install and customize the PrestaShop software.
  • PrestaShop is easily integrated with the payment gateways to make the PrestaShop Payments very quick and safe.

The process of First Data Payment Gateway in your PrestaShop eCommerce store

First Data Corporation makes the payment transaction very safe, secure, and fast for the merchants and their customers. First Data accept the payments by debit or credit card, check or mobile phone, online or at the checkout counter, and gift card. It has more than 30 years of experience in the payment processing industry and this make it’s a very popular payment gateway in the globe. It processes the payment transactions in each and every second of a day. It is very special in Payment Processing Services, Payment Acceptance, Consumer & Commercial Payments, Prepaid, Information & Analytics, Payment Network Solutions, eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, Fraud & Risk Management, etc. First Data payment gateway easily integrated with the software’s such as PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, VirtueMart, UberCart, ZenCart, Shopping Cart, OpenCart, 3dCart, Web.com, UltraCart, etc.

The PrestaShop eCommerce software integrates with the First Data payment gateway to accept the credit card payments on your PrestaShop eCommerce website and then it process the payment transactions through the First Data gateway. First Data supports the ‘Authorization and Capture’, ‘Authorization only and Capture later’, ‘void/ cancel’, and ‘refund’ features. The First Data Payment provides the secure payment transaction experience to your customers during the payment process. With the help of this payment gateway, you can satisfy all of your customers. This will increases the sales of your products and the growth of your business.

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