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Search trends due to COVID-19

Changes in search due to COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, people are noticing drastic changes in every aspect of their lives. This extends to Google search trends as well, as the primary concern of every netizen is to stay up-to-date regarding COVID-19, in terms of the latest news as well as the preventive measures and symptoms. Ever since the US health body notified us of six new symptoms of this disease, or since the WHO declared that the virus could be spread even by talking or breathing while being close to the infected person within 1 meter, panic has been surfacing all across the globe.

In short, the new virus will, in a way, define 2020 in every field, including the world of digital marketing. With search results being dominated by COVID-19 information and other related aspects, search patterns and customer behaviors are changing. Advertisers are receiving more clicks and queries regarding the essential things that are the need of the hour. PPC campaigns of many industries are badly hit, and marketers are struggling to devise ways to improve their strategies and marketing trends. In this critical situation, companies are solely focusing on maintaining their business continuity and agility by working on personalizing their campaigns.

The Top COVID-19 Related Searches on Google

With SERPs flooding with coronavirus news, global economic structure, our health concerns, and its associated political structures, other searches like weather, sports, or the like are more or less shunned. However, one thing is for sure, ever since the lockdown period has boxed up every citizen of nations worldwide, people are more active on social media platforms, now more than ever.

However, even if companies try to promote their products and services across social channels, those are not going to change the buying motives of people, unless they are about the essential stuff. The primary reason behind this is that millions are losing their jobs and barred from getting any monthly income. Countrymen are now more worried about how to pay their bills, outstanding debts, living expenses, and, most importantly, food!

As a result, PPC campaigns are facing a lot of irrelevant searches and unnecessary clicks, thus resulting in a waste of money. Advertisers, therefore, need to make other plans in order to survive in this crisis. In response to the drastic changes in the new search trends, Google has introduced the Google Trends Corona virus Hub to help digital marketers to track down the emerging demands and queries of the customers. They should follow these search patterns and trends regularly, so that they can include them in the negative keywords list in their campaigns to prevent making a big hole in their pockets.

Search Trends by Industry

Looking from the SEO perspective, organic search results are largely getting impacted, depending upon the type of industry. While some have noticed a massive surge in searches for interests related to their products and services, others are falling out of such a privilege, thus facing tremendous business loss. For example, the one industry that is receiving the most relevant searches is the health industry, clothing companies who are now turning to sell masks, food delivery sites, and, of course, also the online grocery shopping website sites and mobile apps.

We have made a brief about the search trends and keywords based on each industry type. Find them below –

  1. Up Trends
  • Essential eCommerce Stores
    • Hand sanitizer near me
    • Face masks near me
    • Toilet paper near me
    • Thermometers
    • Sanitary wipes
    • Hand wash near me
    • Hand gloves near me
  • Healthcare and Wellness Information
    • Coronavirus symptoms
    • Prevention methods
    • Home remedies
    • Handwashing technique
    • Antiviral foods
    • Antibacterial essential oils
    • Antiviral herbs
  • News Channels and Mediums
    • Coronavirus symptoms
    • New symptoms of coronavirus
    • Preventive measures
    • Handwashing technique
    • COVID-19 infected people near me
    • Coronavirus status in my country/state
    • Coronavirus graphs
    • When will coronavirus end
    • Economic conditions
    • Job losses
    • How to work from home efficiently
  • Food and Recipe Websites
    • Thai
    • Fast food
    • Pizza
    • Food delivery
    • Preventive measures taken by delivery boys
  1. Down Trends
  • Travel Websites
    • Travel restrictions
    • Hotel quarantine
    • Cruise ship quarantine
    • Airlines or hotel queries regarding cancellation policies and refunds
  • Clothing Websites
    • How to cancel my orders
    • Discounts or special offers
    • Face masks
  • Restaurants and Bars
    • Breweries
    • Coffee restaurants
    • Cafes near me
    • Restaurants near me
    • Bars near me
  • Recreation
    • Fitness and Gym Equipment
    • Swimming costumes
    • Hiking
    • Lakes
    • Parks
    • Amusement parks
    • Bowling
    • Gaming stores
    • Yoga
    • Movie and Video game rental
    • Personal trainers
    • Flea markets

In the face of the outbreak of COVID-19, advertisers need to make strong alterations to their digital marketing strategies, keeping in mind the search patterns. This will enable them to come out clean from the negative impact of the virus on their businesses, both PPC-wise and SEO-wise. However, things might take time to take proper shape, and we might need to wait patiently until a successful vaccination is released.

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