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Top 5 AI and Machine Learning Trends of 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two types of intelligent software solutions that aim to design futuristic technology with human-like qualities. At its crux, AI is a technology system whose objective is to emulate human faculties and perform a task while simultaneously justifying its actions based on factual information. On the contrary, ML is a subset of AI. It revolves around building software programs that facilitate more ‘sentient’ or ‘sound’ data-backed decision-making for computers.

The history of AI can be traced back to the 1950s when computational techniques and abilities began to be infused in machines. The goal was simple: to transcend the current usage of computers and condition them for feasible decision-making. Likewise, Machine Learning was introduced in the 1980s with the idea that an algorithm could process gargantuan volumes of data and arrive at a conclusion. Since then, there has been no turning back, and the duo of AI and ML has advanced by leaps and bounds. For instance, PWC predicts that the contribution of AI to humanity could touch the USD 13 trillion thresholds by 2030.

1. AI and ML Spark a Revolution in Healthcare

The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has been rather miraculous for the healthcare industry. The duo is transforming the well-being sector piece by piece and has thrown light on the inherent connections of technology and health as a single unit. ML and AI have helped streamline the process of infection mapping and curative care. In addition, they have also smoothened the administrative processes in hospitals. Moreover, doctors can now use AI-ML-based technology to figure out various treatment trajectories and prescribe correct medication doses without worrying about human errors.

A recent survey reveals that 90 percent of hospitals have contemplated some kind of AI initiative in the near future. The number is a massive jump, up from merely 50 percent in 2019. Similarly, AL/ML has been sweepingly co-opted to access large amounts of data to predict outbreaks and prevent their spread. COVID-19 was a global phenomenon wherein AI advancements were utilized to invigilate and control the virus. For instance, India’s Cowin Application offered real-time information on the number of COVID-19 cases, vaccinated population, etc., based on Big Data, ML, and AI-supported technology.

2. Sustainable AI and ML

The second major AI and ML trend that will be ‘big’ in 2023 relates to sustainability and ecological consciousness. As more and more enterprises are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate detrimental impacts on the environment, the co-option of AI-ML-based technology can become common. For instance, a PWC survey shows that deploying AI for environmental applications could contribute USD 5.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Needless to say, AI can be an excellent driver of sustainability in many industries and areas of operation. For example, computer vision is increasingly being used in tandem with satellite imagery to identify areas with rampant deforestation, water logging, salinization, etc.

3. AI-based Cybersecurity

The third significant AI and ML trend that is going to take off in 2023 pertains to cybersecurity. We can expect AI and ML-based technology to play a veritable role in detecting and responding to cybersecurity and online threats. For instance, Ed Bowne, advisory AI Leader Managing Director at Deloitte, opines that ‘adversaries’ or hackers per se have been weaponizing AI and ML to find vulnerabilities and attack enterprises. Thus, we can brace ourselves to see more and more businesses strategically using the AI-ML duo defensively and proactively to detect suspicious behavior and new attack patterns and nip them in the bud.

In addition, ventures that fail to hop onto the ‘AI-ML’ bandwagon for cybersecurity are highly susceptible to negative impacts. Furthermore, we can already witness a surge in AI and ML-based software programs for cybersecurity, phishing, email monitoring, fighting online threats, and more. For example, the AI-based vendor – Versive – provides cybersecurity solutions using dissonant detection so that banks and financial institutions can preemptively ‘detect’ adversaries and security threats.

4. Enhanced Language Modeling

ChatGPT has demonstrated a novel way of imagining human engagement with AI. Now, we clearly understand that an AI-based interactive experience can be feasible for various use cases and fields, such as marketing, automated customer support, and user experience. Thus, in 2023, we expect to witness inflation in demand for quality control aspects of improved AI language models. The backlash against inaccurate results in coding has already been a common phenomenon. Likewise, soon, companies will experience pushback on inaccurate product descriptions and dangerous advice. Such a trajectory will drive interest in finding better modes o explaining how and when these tools generate errors.

5. Augmented Working

In 2023, a large chunk of people will work side by side with robots and other similar smart machines specifically designed to help humans do their jobs more efficiently and seamlessly. Thus, the last AI and ML trend that is going to take the world by storm pertains to work and labor. However, it is essential to remember that the trend could manifest in multiple ways. For instance, it could imply using smart handsets in workplaces that provide instant access to data and analytics capabilities.

Likewise, augmented work could also mean augmented reality (AR)-enabled technology that overlays digital information around us, providing real-time information for hazard identification, safety, and more. Similarly, management and leadership teams worldwide should brace themselves to get acquainted with AI and ML-based technology, as innovative dashboards with real-time data and reporting are also on the rise and may soon become ubiquitous.

So, there we have it, a crisp summary of the five AI and ML trends that we can expect to ‘go viral’ in 2023.

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