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Marketing trends to skyrocket your sales

eCommerce marketing trends that will skyrocket your sales in 2020

You may be willing to take your business online. But, how are you going to survive the tough competition and the popular brands that are already dominating the eCommerce industry? An eCommerce store needs to focus on its USP to set its online business apart from the competitors. There are many eCommerce marketing trends you can tap into to grow your brand and get your name out there. You need to choose the strategies that can help capture the attention of your target audience. 

Fortunately, there’s an extensive range of eCommerce marketing techniques available. From optimizing your site for search engines to using the traditional yet effective email marketing tools, you can connect with your audience through multiple marketing campaigns. In this post, we will walk you through some of the latest and most popular marketing trends that work for all types of firms. Let’s have a look:

Safe Home Delivery

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every industry. Amid this pandemic, marketers have discovered a new trend i.e. contactless delivery of the essentials. While the government has declared the lockdowns in the affected areas, the drones are being used to supply basic items to households. The mobile apps and eCommerce websites have made it easier for families to place an order for the grocery and have it delivered at their address. 

This reduces the crowd in the grocery stores, thus controlling the virus from spreading further. 

Build a Mobile App

A mobile application plays an important role in determining the success of an eCommerce business. To meet your customer’s expectations, you need to provide them with a shopping-centric platform. Mobile apps improve your interaction with visitors. Customers find them more engaging as they come with a ton of features that simplify their shopping experience. To make the best of the apps, you must advertise your mobile apps through Google Ads. It’s simple to create a Google Ad app campaign and get your mobile apps the best exposure. Once you have created the ad campaigns, you can check the app downloads, budget, and the overall app status. 

Convenience is your customer’s priority. They look for eCommerce businesses that allow convenient shopping and a broad range of options. It is easier for your customers to search for their desired products on mobile apps. The checkout process is also short and simple. Hire a professional eCommerce mobile app developing company and get your app developed and launched in the app store. 

Remember to provide your audience with multiple payment options and one-page checkout. Smooth navigation, fast checkout, easy product search, a user-friendly, and professional UI will definitely help you build a loyal client base.

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Google Ads vs Social Media Ads

PPC has evolved into one of the biggest and most popular online advertising trends. No matter how effective your search engine optimization techniques are, you are going to need PPC advertisements to expose your brand to a wider audience. Getting your brand’s name out on the competitive online market isn’t a cakewalk. The competition has gotten so fierce that it is nearly impossible for startups to establish their eCommerce business without investing in pay-per-click advertisements. 

With millions of active accounts on Facebook alone, there is no denying that social media has become a famous advertising channel for brands and marketers. But, finding your audience on social sites takes a lot more than posting engaging content. You may have to tap into the social media marketing tools to get your brand out. Social media isn’t as effective as Google Ads.

Fortunately, the PPC marketing campaign won’t cost you a fortune. The brand pays for every click they receive from search engines. This means every time a new user finds your brand and visits your website through Google Ads, you will pay a small fee to search engines. Google will display the ad of your brand at the top of the search results. This gives your brand great visibility. The best part is you pay for clicks instead of impressions. So, it makes sense for brands to invest more in PPC campaigns. 

Let’s say you pay $3 per click to search engines and the click results in a big sale worth $500. Imagine how much profit you can make following this advertising method. The more people find your brand on Google, the higher your conversions and engagement rate will be. 

Offer and Coupon Display

Brands have started to display coupons and voucher codes on the landing pages, checkout, and product pages to influence customer’s buying decisions. This encourages the user to make a purchase and claim the voucher before the offer (which is valid for a limited period) expires.

By displaying the promotional deals and special discounts on multiple pages, you can get your website visitors to purchase the product. It is a great strategy to influence your audience’s buying decision. 

Retargeting Audience

Email marketing is an effective way to target the audience that is actually interested in your products and services. You could share the news of your latest products, discounts, special offers, and other relevant suggestions through email. You could create your retargeting marketing strategy based on the Analytics data. You can integrate Google Ads to the analytics account and set particular standards for the retargeting audience. Once you have found the right audience, you can build your remarketing campaign around this audience. 

This online marketing technique can help you drive your audience to your landing page or website. Perhaps, they will love to purchase the recommended products especially if the offer fits their taste and budget. That’s how brands turn their visitors into customers. Retargeting email can make a big difference. As these messages are personalized, there is a good chance the users will take action. 

Final Words

These were the latest and popular digital marketing trends that can help you grow your brand efficiently and affordably. So, why wait? Build your marketing campaigns and start brand promotion right away!

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