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Holiday Advertising Benefits The eCommerce Store Owners

So the holidays are finally here, with a few more days to count for the Halloween and there comes the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Finally, it would be Christmas and the New Year will be splashing. So, we are all set in a festive mood and starts to shop for the near and dear ones. Holiday Advertising benefits are as follows:

Holiday Advertising Concepts

eCommerce Web DevelopmentThe online shops are now in craze and we now hardly turn towards the brick and mortar store, as we all love to sit back in the comfort of our home. From renovating our home to asking for a plumbing service, buying a beautiful Belgian crockery set to purchase of a land mower, we do it all from the online shops.

So as the customers looking for online supply for product, the store owners tend to utilize the Holidays for offers. This makes sure that they gain repeat customer form every tactic they take.

Social Media Advertising

As per the recent survey, Facebook says that their ads of eCommerce companies has increased during the last holiday season. They say that have driven twice as many purchases as their ads during the other months of the year. It is according to the report of the Nanigans.

On the analysis of the Facebook ad spent as well as the click received and impressions of eCommerce advertisers using Nanigans software in 2014. Well, the purchase related metrics that we have noticed were a mere calculation of the aggregating data across various samples of eCommerce advertisers that have same-day purchase attribution.

They have noted that the purchase rates during the 2014 holiday season doubled for nearly every day of every week and this was the analysis that was tracked down. The behavioral pattern shows that peak purchasing days during the holidays, as opposed to Thursdays was only the weekends compared to those of the last year. Apart from the Facebook ads, report there was also additional reports, which you can take a glance.

Mobile App Advertising

Now we need to look into the behavioral pattern that the surveyors have noticed in the desktop vs. mobile comparison. The share of eCommerce purchases that they made on mobile apps increased 140%. 36% of total purchases happened during the 2014 holiday season. The hours between 9 and 11 AM ET were the most active and eCommerce ads.

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Apart from that, they also noticed the behavior as per the gender. Well, just before the holidays men and women enjoyed a similar buying pattern trend on both desktop and mobile apps. The desktop purchase rates slightly higher for both genders. Even during the 2014, the purchase behavior changes significantly and the largest shift was more than 233% jump in Facebook desktop ads’ driving purchases by men.


As for the click through rates, people see an increased volume on Facebook eCommerce ads during the 2014 holiday advertising on both mobile and desktop. This high engagement witnesses that how the ads are during the holidays for eCommerce website. This holds to be productive and add more profits to the revenue stream.

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