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Thanksgiving shopping

According to a market study, eMarket is bound to make sales exceeding $4 trillion by 2020. That’s what makes the eCommerce trend, mCommerce trend, and Thanksgiving shopping deal so exciting and valuable for small to big retailers.

Online shopping has opened new horizons for global buyers and brought the customers more close to the retailers. So every year we see more eCommerce and mCommerce trend coming to this industry to make our lives more sophisticated and effective.

Let’s talk about some hot eCommerce trends and mCommerce trends and other Thanksgiving deals for 2018.  

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Integration of AI and Machine learning is the new big thing for eCommerce trends:

Machine learning technologies are sure to rule the eCommerce trend during Thanksgiving shopping this 2018. In almost every eCommerce system, the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology are continuously disrupting the sector. Interestingly, from product recommendation engines to better search engine functionality, every technology is adapting the feature this year.

The advanced AI and Machine learning technology allow the eCommerce retailers to provide their customers exactly what they want with lesser effort and time. Thanks to AI and Machine learning, the product recommendation is sure to become more accurate and helpful than ever before. This feature is running for eCommerce trend as this uses a wide range of factors. Factors like purchasing history and greater personalization results based on an individual’s shopping preferences.

The rise of ROPO is bound to make the list of eCommerce trends:

Thanks to the customers who are looking for the best possible deal, ROPO – Research Online, Purchase Offline has become an eCommerce trend for 2018. Most consumers research online to make an offline purchasing decision. Finding the products at best possible price empowers them and give the retailers an increase in offline conversion sells.

ROPO uses a wide range of techniques and matrices. Here are some noticeable ROPO Trends: CRM and mobile payment data, geolocation tracking,  point-of-sale systems, consumer shopping history, social integration, and personalized advertising experiences. These trends help businesses achieve accurate and detailed profiles of shoppers.  ROPO represents an effective offline conversion tracking reports. Studies say that at least 18% of local searches result in a sale within 24 hours.

Chatbots are poised to become the next big thing in mCommerce trend in Thanksgiving of 2018:

The concept of chatbots has become when it comes to providing solutions to customers 24/7. Some eCommerce giants like H&M, Starbucks and Nordstrom, chatbot is bound to rank high on the list of the major mCommerce trend this Thanksgiving.

Chatbots allow the retailers the opportunity to learn more about the customers and give them a more personalized shopping experience. Another reason for the chatbots making it to the top of the mCommerce trend list is that with the help of AI it can predict what the users might ask for next or what they might up buying.

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Implementing augmented reality is another new thing in mCommerce trend of Thanksgiving of 2018:  

This year AR trend has taken a giant stride in mCommerce trend. It has been proven that 40% of shoppers of AR users buy the products they get to experience with Augmented Reality. AR has also been proven to build trust between customers and retailers. At least 61% of AR users prefer those brands who offer AR experience for their customers.

This trend is making some striking result in the leading retailing business. As the most popular furniture retailer IKEA launched its Place app last year which allows the users to see if the product will look good or fit right in their home, the increase in sell has been magnificent.

The mCommerce trend will also see the rise of single click payments:

The most tiring thing about online shopping is having to enter the same set of detail again and again to make any purchase. So it was no surprise that the single click payment method will rank on the top chart of new mCommerce trends. By lowering the time to attain a product through online mCommerce has seen a striking result this year on Thanksgiving shopping. Not only it increased impulse buying but also improved customer satisfaction. This method also earned giant retailers like Amazon to see a leaping increase in revenue.

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Thanksgiving shopping trends
Thanksgiving shopping trends 2018

Essential tips for online Thanksgiving shopping:

Thanksgiving season has become one of the biggest online shopping events over the years. At least 164 million people are planning to shop this year. For the most part, online shopping is quite secure these days. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take any precautions for holiday shopping to protect your financial and personal information.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips that might help you to get a hassle-free and quick online shopping this Thanksgiving.

Shop only from a secured website:

If the address of the website contains HTTPs then you can shop without a doubt from that website. The “s” at the end of the address indicates an added layer of security. If you are still doubtful then do make sure to check whether the website has been given a trust mark by an independent third party. These trust mark will indicate if the website takes enough, responsive and accurate measures to protect customers security standards, online business ethics, and certify security.

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Avoid using public WiFi network for online shopping:

For most case, public WiFi is never secure. So it will be really irresponsive to enter bank accounts information, credit or debit card details using public networks. So to avoid entering sensitive data using public Web, try shopping online from home during this Thanksgiving season.

Invest in a good security solution:

Don’t underestimate the power of investing in a good security solution. This security suite not only offers anti-virus protection but also two-way firewall system and other essential security stuff.

Always monitor your account and billing statements:

Double check your online transaction to avoid any accidental or potentially fraudulent charges. If you notice any unauthorized credit usage then immediately report to stop the further fraudulent activity of any kind.  It’s really hard to detect identity theft. So best to monitor charges than regret later.

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