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A Secured Website – What Should You Care About?

Is your website secure? If you’re like many website owners, the answer is no. Many small business owners believe that they’re too small to be targeted hackers. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth as hackers use automated software to look for vulnerable websites. Even websites that do not take or accept orders are at the mercy of malevolent hackers. A secure website means you protect your personal information, the information of your customers, and your valuable content.

Secure Website – How SEO Can Help?

SEO can help your site get more secure. SEO audits can help you identify pages on your site that should not be publicly accessible and prevent these pages from being indexed in the search engines. If you just secured your site with HTTPS, you can also use 301 redirects to redirect HTTP pages to HTTPS when you are in the process of securing your site. Implementing these changes may require expert SEO services as it can be technical. If you haven’t secured your site with HTTPS yet, it will be beneficial for you to do so as HTTPS is ranking signal in Google. You should talk to the company providing you with Digital Marketing services or ask your web development professional to get your site secured with HTTPS.

What is HTTPS and Why Should I Care?

HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. It is an encrypted version of HTTP. The difference between HTTPS and HTTP is that the HTTP connection is vulnerable. When you use HTTP to go to a website, your browser connects to the site with an IP address and the connection is made. During the connection, hackers can see all the information that’s being transmitted whether it’s your ID, credit card information or passwords. HTTPS also indicates a site’s security certificate so that you know it’s not an impostor site. So if you want to protect your personal information and the information of your employees, partners and customers, you want to use HTTPS.

How Do I Secure My Site?

To secure your website set up a HTTPS connection for your site, you can get this with a dedicated IP address. Next, you will need to buy a SSL certificate, activate it and then install it. Both dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates can be purchased from a web hosting provider. While the process of setting up HTTPS is fairly simple, not everyone is confident about dealing with technology. If you have any doubts, you should get the help of a web development professional to ensure it was done correctly.

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Big Warning for WordPress Users

If you’re using WordPress, you need to take extra security measures. Visit the official WordPress site and talk to your WordPress development professional to get advice on how to protect your site. There are many WordPress vulnerabilities that hackers frequently prey on. If you want extra security, you can hire custom development services to install plugins and work with your theme. This helps to locate and also secure all the vulnerabilities on your site.

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, you should put a big emphasis on security regardless of how big your website is. Hackers often hack websites so that they can use them to send spam mail. A blacklist IP address  can create a nightmare situation for your business. If you’re unfamiliar of working with web host control panels, you can hire web development professionals at an affordable rate. Again, website owners that want advanced security will need customization. While custom web development services will cost you more money than the standard secure website measures. It is well worth it if you have a site that’s getting a lot of traffic.


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