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Optimize Your Website For Search Engines In SEO Perspective

For most of the people, the term “Search Engine Optimization” simply means optimizing one’s website for Google. Of course, using  SEO techniques is certainly about enhancing your website’s search results on Google, but what about various other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo? Because of the popularity that Google enjoys, many SEO providers do not even bother with optimizing for Bing or Yahoo. But, the fact is that Optimize Your Website for Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo is of paramount importance to access good SEO.

Why you need to Optimize for Bing and Yahoo?

Google is considered as the leading search engine, unlike all other search engines, with a market share to the tune of 67%. Yet, what most businesses fail to realize is that with the enhanced traffic on Google, also comes enormous competitors, making Google difficult to hit on search result pages.

During the past few years, Bing and Yahoo have emerged as Google’s number one competitor. Even though, Yahoo’s market share comes to only 11.6% and that of Bing to 16.7%, when combined, they total up to nearly 30% and this can still compete with Google’s share.

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Advantages of Bing and Yahoo

  • Have Demographic Advantages

Recently, Bing modified their features to target ads by gender and age. Bing and Yahoo are in an advantageous position statistically, because 58% of their users belong to women folk and their audiences come from the age group of 35-45 and 55-64, which are ideal age groups that can buy as much through online.

  • Permit their Users to Import Campaigns from Google

Most of the advertisers agree that they are always having a tough time running separate campaigns in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now, AdCenter facilitates users to import their campaign from AdWords with Google, without exporting even a single file. This is ideal for advertisers who prefer not to spend time editing, exporting, and re-uploading spreadsheets from one account to another.

  • For Mobile

The paid search through these are made simpler now, as they have started Bing on mobile devices through WAP or GPRS connections. Not only will this enable users ‘Find My Location’, applications, and driving directions and maps, but they will allow users to search for new information using their smart phones, means that business campaigns will reach a wider audience.

  • Cross-Platform Analytic Reports

Using Bing and Yahoo’s adCenter report, it becomes simple for users to compare keyword performance with other search engines.


Even though Search Engines – Yahoo, Bing & Google are preferred by users, Google even though having 67% market share, still fails to enable you to get higher ranking in SERP, because of the heavy rush of users of Google. At the same time Bing & Yahoo, even though having a lesser share, still strike as a better choice to Google and so on, more and more businesses will acknowledge the advantages and power of what these search engines can facilitate in enhancing of their sales and enable fast growth of their business.

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