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Stop Words in SEO – Effects In SEO

Google has a different understanding of the analyzation of the English language. It does not take into consideration certain words that make no sense when separated from the main words. Such short meaningless words that are usually placed between the meaningful and important keywords are called Stop Words in SEO. Without these stop words, the sentence will not make much sense, but in the language of Google, the keywords are enough for a valid search.

Importance of stop words in SEO:

Stop words in SEO is very important to consider as Google searches on the keywords used by the viewer to retrieve websites titled with them. Back in the days, Google used to search for the exact phrases which are searched for. For example, a search for “Where is the nearest bookshop” and “Nearest bookshop” would retrieve completely different search results.

However in recent days with Google’s Hummingbird update, the search engine ignores the usage of Stop words in both the search phrases and website content. This new update makes sure to eliminate the effects of Stop Words in SEO. However, caution has to be taken in remembering that these words do not affect SEO but they are considered when it changes the meaning of the phrase.

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Stop Words: When and Where to Avoid?

Search engines analyze the ratio of keywords used in the article to the total number of words in it. When the ratio is higher, they optimize the webpage and rank it higher to benefit the reader with a better result for their search. Such keyword rankings are monitored with SEO Automation Tool. While undertaking this process of analysis, search engines ignore some of these words as they just take up too much space and time. Some common stop words that are avoided by the Search engine while optimizing is given below:

  • Articles:

For example – The, a, an

  • Auxiliary Verbs:

For example – Have, Be, Do

  • Particles:

For example – Around, Away, If, Thus

  • Prepositions:

For example – Of, On, in, that

  • Pronouns:

For example – He, Her, Which, Them

  • Conjunctions:

For example – But, And.

  • Adjectives:

For Example – faster, Scariest

Some common places on your webpage to avoid using these Stopwords for better Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Title of the page
  • Webpage URL
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image Alt Text

In a wrap, the essence of the article is that the stop words are ignored in searches as the search of just the keywords accelerates the speed of web page parsing. However, the usage of Stop words in SEO is essential to rise up in the ranking of the search engine. This is one of the best practices to optimize your site.

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