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How to Create Effective Web Design Templates?

A website is the index of any organization. If you haven’t paid attention towards the web design and how it represents your business in an effective and profitable manner then, this article if for you. This article describes and suggests several factors that impact the chances of your website’s success.

Building an effective web design is a daunting task. Yet, it is important to create attractive, yet functional website that will convert your visitors into buyer/ clients.

The goal of a corporate or business website is to sell something, influence, invite, and attract people to come in and spend some time within its confines. In order to achieve this goal you must avoid complex design. The golden rule of a good Web Designer is to Keep It Simple! Because, a simple and informative site will outperform a complex one.

Following are some of the design and development tips & tricks based on following factors

  • Target audience
  • Fundamental message
  • Precise and concise content
  • Desired responses
  • Visitor impact and
  • Online goals

Navigation & User Friendliness:

Recent studies have also shown that if visitors do not see what they want in 3 clicks, they will abandon a site.

If your user finds it hard to visit another page for getting the information they need, they may never return. Hence, keep your website navigation consistent all throughout for your visitor to navigate with ease and comfort.

Nearly 40% of the visitors leave the site after visiting the landing page. Ensure that your web design incorporates information you want them to note are available in the prime area of the layout. It is recommended that every primary area of your website should be accessible within three clicks from any corner of your website. Usability is ultimately above design and appearance in the long run for a website to yield success continuously.

It is wise to set auto redirects to the non-www versions to avoid loss of traffic. RSS feed should available in your website.  RSS feed will help you to alert your website visitor to subscribe your website updates. This brings return traffic to your website upon updates. The last but not least is “Mobile Friendliness“. With mobile search growing exponentially, having a Mobile friendly site becomes inevitable. Mobile friendly design and responsiveness improves the probability of website success rate.

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Not to Overload:

It is acceptable that the Web graphic and image will improve your website’s overall look & feel. But your web page is likely to load quicker if they have been properly sized and defined.


It’s not hard to believe that, the overall look & feel of the website plays an important role on your site’s success. The design should harmonize with your content. Such websites helps visitors to spend more time on your site and maybe even bookmark it for future visits.

The trend of changing the Website Design once in every 2 years will help you maintain the interest of repeat visitors and gain new visitors .

Bookmark Feature:

You should provide your visitors with the function to add your website or bookmark your website into their favorites. This will increase the probability of repeat visits.


You should use ALT tags to provide a text substitute of an image and describe what images represent on web pages to improve your search engine ranking. Use always the relevant keywords to mark up your images within your web pages. Tagging can provide an overview of when users convert, how they found your website, and how long they stayed on the site before completing their visit.


Not every website needs to be an award winner however a site which do well in attaining its goal is surely a winner in its own respect. Your Business Website is an asset and let it be that only. Certainly, if you keep these effective web development tips in mind, and thrust it down into your memory, you would get a good web design, that would improve quality traffic to your site.

We at eGrove Systems Corporation provide effective and contemporary website designs and development services.  We inculcate all the above best  practices in combination with innovative ideas.

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