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Magento Shipping Access Point Module

Many people willing to shop in online because it is convenient and a time-saver. Online shopping helps the consumers to buy goods or services directly from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the internet. Only in the electronic commerce the intermediary service is present. People don’t want to waste their time for shopping, so they buy the products through online. But they are still facing some problems like collecting the products at their convenient time, at their convenient locations, etc.

Magento Shipping Access Point Module allows the customers to choose any one of the convenient locations for package collection and to drop off pre-labeled returns. These access points are hand-picked based on its location and layout, making your customer’s experience fast, friendly and efficient. You can easily integrate the magento by using the Shipping access point. A customer can associate Shipping Account with their account allowing them to ship and pay for their shipments with their personal Shipping account number.

Shipping Access Point Module allows the users to choose the nearest delivery location based on their Zip code. A CRON job is integrated into the module, which will send the customer manifest information to Shipping on a daily basis through an FTP file upload. This manifest uploaded to the Shipping will be used for notifying and remind the customers for picking up their delivery from the access point. The data file content will contain the Shipping access point selected and the Consignee names, Shipping Tracking no, Consignee email address, Consignee mobile phone no.

The user can enter the address and search the access point location. The user can view the details like Shop name, Shop image, Shop address, distance information (from the address entered in the address book). Click a single button to select the desired location on the Google Map. The user can click the access point to view the detailed of the shop like Shop name and its available timing. The module allows you to show / hide the Access point widgets in the Google Map. The administrator can enable / disable or configure the Shipping Access Point module.

Before collecting the package, the customer should provide the proof of identity. The customers may drop a pre-labeled return packages at a designated Shipping access point. If you do not have a prepaid label, you can contact the original sender for a return label or create a shipping label online or visit your nearest Shipping Customer Centre. The extension is compatible with Magento Version 1.7 x. It is easy to install. It takes just 1.07 minutes to collect the parcel from an access point.

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