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Are You Riding The mCommerce Wave? Or Still Wondering…

Like most of us, I spend more time online that on anything else. Of course, my work entitles me to be online and I consult for a fast growing eCommerce application development company, eGrove Systems. Recently I had do extensive research online before deciding on a TV for my living room. While I was tearing down my laptop visiting many eCommerce sites, I didn’t spare my iPhone too. When I was using my smartphone to search of a TV that would hook me on, I realized that I would be one among the millions who were doing so! I was involved in mCommerce – Mobile version of eCommerce.

When using my laptop to shop, I was comfortable with the size and the information that I was able to gather but I can’t say the same when I was using my mobile. Not many stores adapt for mobile display. Are they losing out? Let’s find out!

I bumped into the stats that were mind-blowing!

Traffic from smartphones to leading eCommerce sites has shown an impressive 103% growth over the past year, says Monetate, a digital marketing firm. That’s something!

eCommerce Apps

eCommerce is fast adapting itself to the mobile technology. As an online merchant, what is in store for you? Your store either adapts to the mobile era or loses out to competition. eCommerce sites need to be designed to adapt to any device from which it is accessed. That’s not the only option but it’s the first and easiest step.

The other ways of taking eCommerce to mobile devices include

  • Mobile version of eCommerce sites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile messaging & campaigns
  • Location based campaigns

Another reason why mCommerce will be vogue is that using a laptop or desktop or tablet is when the need arises but using mobile is on the go!

Will mCommerce become the channel of choice?

Cell phones were once a luxury but now it’s a household item. Everyone flaunts his or her phone. Cell phones became smart and are getting smarter by the day. Smartphones are becoming reliable and secure to conduct online transactions including banking, payments, funds transfer, ticketing, purchases at all. Customer service will have a powerful and new dimension with personalization giving users complete freedom, irrespective of place and time. The revenue generated via mCommerce will soon overtake the revenue generated by eCommerce.

Soon we will find even kids swiping their fingers on their phones, shopping for items of their choice including videos, games, and comics!

It’s high time your store gets a mobile version

Moreover, it’s not the time to sweat it out trying to figure out how to tap into this exploding mCommerce market. If you are already own an online store and you use either Magento or PrestaShop platforms for your store, then you need not worry more. They already have mobile versions of their platform. To add value, you can hire the services of experienced and trusted eCommerce developers like eGrove Systems.

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