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Challenges of gaining global clients

Overcoming challenges of gaining Global B2B clients during the Global Pandemic

Are you a B2B marketer or a business owner?

If yes then you might be having a tough time attracting clients and connecting them with your business, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Definitely, the pandemic has created havoc affecting all industries across various business verticals. A new chain of volatility has struck the stock segment whereas business industries are battling to survive and sustain the falling face of the economy.

So, if your business is struggling to gather B2B clients, you are on the same road. But do you know that unlike other industries, you can seamlessly ward off the challenges and strive for a successful business? 

It appears that this is news to you. Don’t worry if you are in a B2B e-commerce business and looking for alternatives to revive sales, let alone grow, this article will shed light on ways to tackle the challenges of an e-commerce business.

Significant Challenges and Solution To Deal With B2B Clients 

Gaining Client Trust 

As more and more people are adapting themselves to the social distancing policy, gaining clients’ trust would be a tough challenge to cope with. Customers are not comfortable buying products online and then collecting it via strangers. 

Amidst such a situation, B2B marketers need to pay immense attention to details displayed over the site. It is not only the products that you need to promote but additional measures of safety and hygiene to invest in B2B client trust. You need to build trust in order to create one.

Product Shipment

Another crucial challenge faced by the Ecommerce business owners is the shipment of products to distant places and even countries. While local shipping isn’t a matter of grave concern, what troubles most of the B2B owners is delivery of products to different places and locations. With blocked borders, restricted movement, and suspended facilities, serving your offshore customer needs are not just tough but impossible. 

One way to deal with this is to connect with local suppliers, build ties, and source delivery from the native business owners. This will help you eliminate the need to ship products to distant places. In case, you get permitted to dispatch products, make sure they are well packed and shipped.

Extending Shipment Dates And Schedules

Another core challenge faced by a majority of B2B owners is serving their clients in the dedicated time span. Given the current situation, predefining the date of delivery or expected time is tough. Unexpected situations might arise causing a delay in the delivery of the products. No matter how genuine the situation is, your clients might not be happy to purchase again and in fact, switch to a different business owner.

Overcoming this would require you to notify your customers about every delay and compel them to believe your words. Timely notifications would keep them updated and prepared as when to expect the delivery.


True, that current times are tough and the only way to keep your business running and active is by taking them online. In case, you have an offline venture, now is the best time to migrate all your services to a website or a mobile app. Get in touch with a mobile app development company to embark on the journey of online interaction and sales.

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