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eGrove PrestaShop GSPay Vs GSPay Free Module – A closer look

PrestaShop GSPay module is a PrestaShop Payment Gateway extension that is exclusively developed to seamlessly integrate the GSPay Payment gateway to the PrestaShop eCommerce Software and accept payments through credit cards.

The module is designed to collect the Customer information and cart information in easy steps and send the information thus collected to GSPay server; The GSPay service redirects the user and collects payment related information. However for successful transactions, this module requires a Third party subscription – GSPay Merchant account.

Some glaring limitations of a GSPay free module:

• This module doesn’t have the configuration tools for the sandbox mode and live mode,

• This module lacks the configuration tools for the Gateway URL setup for GSPay,

• No provision to customize logos in the payment selection page.

• Does not sent complete information of products to GSPay from the merchant website through Checkout page.

• No option to send Shipping cost to GSPay from the merchant website through Checkout page.

• No provision to sendTax related information to GSPay from the merchant website through Checkout page.

• Lack of free installation and support in the merchant website for this module.

Egrove GSPay Module:

eGrove GSPay module is designed to address all the limitations of the GSPay Free module.

  • It has a clean interface and a well thought about control panel and the tools to
    • Configure the sandbox mode;
    • Customize logos in payment selection page and in the live mode.
    • Effortlessly configure the Gateway URL setup for GSPay.
  • Designed to support Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Accepts Credit Card payments and process payments at GSPay Payment page
  • Provides PCI compliance solution for your online business
  • Facility to Update Users and Orders info in PrestaShop based on responses received after payment
  • Process orders received using PrestaShop Admin User interface
  • Sends Shipping and Tax related information to GSPay.
  • Designed to send payment information as individual line items to GSPay rather than consolidated amount information that available in other similar payment modules.
  • Handles success and failure acknowledgements by redirecting to respective URLs after payment processing at GSPay.
  • Supports Multi-language using PrestaShop Admin UI – under Translation tab.
  • Offers online as well as offline free installation and support.

To summarize, eGrove Systems PrestaShop GSPay with a host of must-have features, is a definitive alternate for GSPay free module.

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