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Product Review and Google Snippet SEO Boost Module

The Product Review and Google Snippet SEO Boost Module integrates with the PrestaShop eCommerce Software and enables users to give Ratings and Reviews for the products.

  •  Following three type of users can place Rating and Reviews
    • Buyers
    • Registered users or
    • Any visitors
  • Admin approval required for All above users*

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  • This Module allows user to place amazon type rating i.e Users can place stars, Rating for Review attributes like “Colors Availability”, “Support Provided”, “Product Usability” Etc.

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  • This Review Module Supports Multilanguage’s in All the Places it can.

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  • Support Facebook Wall post with product image and URL

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  • Star Display Can be Customizable in Many Ways

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  • Allow Buyers to be identified with “Verified Symbol” This also be Customizable

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  • Rating Rich snippet
    • Registered users, Visitors and buyers who bought the product and can post rating & reviews for the products as per administrator settings
    • Improve your product listing, user comments listing, product information etc., in Search  * Engines through Rich Snippet support
    • Best Rating Rich Snippet support
    • Aggregate Rating Rich Snippet support
    • User Comments Rich Snippet support
    • Product Information Rich Snippet support

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  • Visitors can give feedback on reviews they read through thumbs up/ thumbs down

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  • Graphical Star rating display for ratings

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  • Customized text for rating scale units as like Amazon rating system

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  • Customizable product rating criteria for different product – so flexible rating/ review facility based on products.

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  • Customized thumbs up / thumbs down images setting and upload your own images.

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  • Display of Aggregate Rating of products in various listing pages, excluding third-party modules product display.
  • Can display Aggregate Rating of products in third-party modules product display with minor code update in those modules.

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  • Aggregate Rating display in Product Listing pages

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  • Aggregate Rating display in Category Listing pages
  • Aggregate Rating display in Product Search listing pages
  • Aggregate Rating display in Offer listing pages
  • Aggregate Rating display in New Products listing pages
  • Aggregate Rating display in Products by Manufacturer listing
  • Aggregate Rating display in Best selling products section

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  • More detailed statistics graph display of ratings received as like Amazon rating

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  • Supports individual rating count for each scale unit
  • User reviews listing in review tab of product page

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  • Administrator configuration for auto-publish reviews in website or admin intervention required for approval

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  • Administrator control to allow user reviews publish or not

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  • Administrator control for Facebook post allowed or not

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  • Administrator control for User Thumbs up feature required or not

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  • Administrator defined custom text for each scale unit configuration
  • Administrator feature for bulk selection and approval of user reviews
  • Administrator feature for editing user review contents
  • Widget code facility to display rating in third-party modules product display sections
  • Multiple language support

DEMO Video of the Module:

Download Here: Prestashop Product Review and Google Snippet SEO Boost Module

(Installation Process Steps, Support Included)

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