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Enjoy hassle free shipping experience with PrestaShop Shipping Module

Everyone knows that online shopping is a current trend of shopping method which attracted more than millions of people towards it. Hence, there are countless eCommerce websites comes with rich features to provide the best shopping experience to the online shoppers. Running a successful eCommerce store is widely depends on the products, payment process, and shipping process. In this article, we are going to see how to provide a hassle free shipping experience to the users in your PrestaShop eCommerce store.

PrestaShop Modules

One of the most popular and powerful open source eCommerce software’s in the online business industry is, PrestaShop. The features of PrestaShop make it as the most preferable eCommerce software by the website owners and the users. The PrestaShop growing community consists of over thousands of developers, designers, and eCommerce addicts. There are thousands of eCommerce PrestaShop Best Modules helps the merchant to run an excellent eCommerce store.

The biggest benefit of using PrestaShop is, it supports many shipping carriers such as Canada Post, Australian Post (AuPost), and DHL, to deliver the product in a safe and fast way to the customers. There are many modules developed by integrating PrestaShop with these shipping carriers.

Shipping Company

It delivers over 15 million packages each day to over 6.1 million customers. Shipping Company operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. They also handle freight services, trucking companies, mailbox stores, and much more. It allows customers to track their package and find out exactly where it is and whether it will deliver on time.

Hassle free shipping experience

Do you really want to provide the best shipping experience in your eCommerce store? You should use the best shipping carrier, allow your customers to track their products, and provide different shipping options to achieve your goal.

Have you ever wondered why some people regret to shop through eCommerce websites? When they placed an order in the shopping cart they don’t know exactly at what day and what time did they get their purchased product. Sometimes the customer can receive a call when he/she are in out of station to attend a family function or somewhere, that I am coming from this shopping center to deliver your product, can you come and collect the product now?… This makes the customer feel bad about the online shopping and induce to stop shopping at that particular site.


The PrestaShop Shipping Module generates a free shipping label with a tracking number for your customers to track in an easy manner. Thus, this module encourages customers to purchase more products from your store. Hence it automatically increases the sales of your business.

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