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Click, buy online and pick up in-store is becoming one of the most popular trends to shop for consumers. These days, retailers offer thousands of products online, but many of our favorite items are not accessible in every retail online store. Through making use of this SHIP TO STORE feature, now shoppers can order online and shipping the product to any of their nearby retail store, rather than to residential locations, thereby facilitating customers to enjoy a comfort zone.

Such services are an essential part of a successful Omni-channel strategy that caters to the needs of the ever-changing customer preferences. In-store pickup can be a win-win deal for both retailers and customers because it mitigates delivery costs and also entice people into the stores.

For example, a popular Omni-Channel fashion giant, recently expanded in-store pickup to all its chain stores to cater to customer purchase needs. Wherever customers place their orders, either through website or a mobile application store pickup, it enables users to pick their products from their nearby retail store with ease.

This offers the customers the joy and also the thrill of ordering products. Picking them from the nearby store in a hassle-free manner.

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How does Shipping work?

Over the past few years, all retailers employed a strategy of “free-shipping” to drive consumers to purchase their products online. The catch here is: When the price of the product is raised in order to compensate for the shipping cost minimum purchase levels are stipulated.

Nevertheless, exciting offers on free shipping would entice them to order more than one product. Witnessing this high patronage from customers, a few Omni-channel retailers moved a step forward to capitalize on this win-win situation.

By allowing customers to choose their pickup location with free delivery businesses transform their physical store as a “Warehouse”. This helps them manage inventory and ‘Fulfillment center’ for consumer products with faster delivery.

Omnichannel retailing has become ingrained in the eCommerce trading process. It will be exciting to see how new technologies and services further obscure. This shows the distinction between a physical and a digital shopping experience.

Pros of ‘Ship to Store’

For Consumers:

• Enable multiple shipping options to customers
• Faster delivery/fulfillment
• Enables to pick the product from their nearby retail store
• Increase consumer experience
• Free shipping for all store pickup orders

For Retailers:

• Enhanced Customer service and satisfaction
• Drive shoppers to their in-store and attract new consumers as well
• Easy inventory management and return management by making each physical store a “Warehouse/Fulfillment center”
• Use in-store stock of product order that in turn leads to faster turnover and also reduce extra costs

Ship-to-store option is yet another evolution that is here to stay in this e-Commerce world supported by m-Commerce for seamless transactions.

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