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Auto Switcher GeoIP Module

Redirect your clients to their native language! Using Auto Switcher GeoIP Module

Wanna increase the traffic and boost sales of your business? You should attract and satisfy all online shoppers when they visit your eCommerce store. This will lead to more traffic and sales. Most of the successful businesses widely depend on the customer satisfaction. It is the key to repeat business and also referral. If you make your customers feel comfortable and special in your store, you can easily increase the sales of your business. The Currency Auto Switcher GeoIP Module helps you to attract the online visitors and offer the best customer services in your store. Read on to know more!

Why Customer Satisfaction is So Important?

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated – McKinsey.

Customers have lots of choices on where and who to deal with. If customers feel that you cannot satisfy their expectations they will simply move to another store and deal with someone who will. There a million ways are followed by business owners to make their customers feel happy. But some ways give the expected result and some may not. By choosing the best and effective way for your business, you can achieve your goal quickly.

  • The customer makes it possible to achieve business aims
  • The relationship between the customer and the organization is the important one for the business growth
  • Without customers the organization would not exist
  • By fulfilling the needs of the customers, the organization can easily increase the sales of the business
  • If the organization failed to satisfy the customers, then they could lose their customers

How to Satisfy Customers?

The eCommerce business offers more benefits to the customers as well as the business owners. Hence, there are millions of eCommerce sites on the Internet built by the business owners. If you want to attract many customers and to increase your business sales, you must provide a valuable reason for your customers to visit your site repeatedly and to purchase products in your store

Auto Switcher GeoIP Module

Most of the business owners think that creating an impressive website is enough to attract the visitors towards the website. But it is not true. Many online customers wish to use website which is easy to use and offers excellent customer services. The Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location Module helps you to attract the online visitors and to offer the best customer services in your store.

That means, if an online visitor visit your eCommerce store, this Auto Switcher GeoIP module detects the visitor location based on his IP address and redirects him/her to the respective URL or store which has all product and website information based on visitor native language. Depends on the country of the visitor, the module switches the current setup.

People from different countries visit the eCommerce stores every day. If you provide your product or website details based on your visitor language, you can make them happy and comfortable. Thus will satisfy the online shoppers and urge them to make more purchases in your eCommerce store.


Enhance your store performance and satisfy all your customers by implementing this module in your eCommerce store. Hence, make your customers feel at ease and also this will lead to definite improvement in sales.

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