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How Can Reviews and Rating Extensions Help You Control Your Customer Reviews?

Most of the potential customers wish to tour an eCommerce store which is enabling customers to share ratings and reviews about that particular store products and services. Reviews and Rating Extension is an extension which helps you to get good reviews from your current customers to attract some new customers. It can improve merchant credibility, develop comparison shopping rankings, and boost conversion rates. It increases customer engagement and also advises customer service efforts.

How Reviews and Rating Extensions Work?

Registered users, visitors and buyers who purchased the product can post rating & reviews for your store products as per official settings. So to produce ratings for your store products, your visitor has to become your enrolled user. Without filling registration form, he cannot provide ratings. By using this information, you can build a powerful relationship with your visitor. This will increase the number of customers in your store. By using this product, you can display your products in your online store with ratings and reviews.

If a visitor wishes to give ratings for your store product means, he can give ratings. The ratings provided by users can be viewed on all pages of the product listing pages and also can be represented in any third party modules product display section by placing widget code in that appropriate modules script. Instead of default text, you can also be able to configure the rating unit scale texts as they desire like, Marvelous for five stars, Excellent for four stars, etc. In Product Specific view page, ratings can be observed with more specific statistics as like the Amazon Rating System, i.e., rating count for each star scale unit along the overall average rating score.

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Consumer Ratings

71% of customers agree that consumer ratings make them more convinced for buying the right product or service. Users ratings will be displayed in your online store after it gets approval from you. It provides “Graphical Star” rating display for ratings. By using this reviews and rating, you can build a rapport with your customers, which is lacking in the marketplace. These extensions are used in different ways to improve your website performance. However, each module is designed with features and functionalists to grab the attention of all customers towards the online store.

Here are some benefits of practicing Reviews and Rating Extensions:

  • They are a visual form to show your business’ value and worth by demonstrating products, prices, reviews/rankings, contact information, and also related links.
  • Current businesses with reviews and rating Extensions have seen a 10%-30% CTR increase.
  • Users have accurate expectations before browsing your site, which also indicates a decrease in bounce rates.
  • You will stand out amongst your competitors.
  • Extraordinary rankings in SERPs.
  • An improvement in website traffic, as well as more qualified traffic.

Let your customers pen a review about your shop and improve your content, trust, and sales. A full control-able review tool for your Magento or eCommerce store. You may already realize that. Apart from offering a consistent and uniform appearance, this also offers you the advantage of better control over your content. Did you know that 63% of customers are more likely to make an online purchase that has user reviews?

Wrap up:

To conclude, the reviews and rating extensions empower you to quickly gather user reviews for your business, website, or specific products/pages and present them anyplace on your Ecommerce website. These reviews and rating extensions have become the principal focus of Google in ranking individual pages in SERPs, and also rich reviews make sure they are readable visible.

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